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Aden says.......

Hello all aunties and uncles!
Mummy is a bit busy today so let me blog on behalf of her ;)
I got big small eyes on Sunday :( Mummy wasn't sure what's the cause, suspect it's due to 'heatiness', cause left eye was red and a bit swollen, but the condition seems better now. 
Anyway, I am down with throat infection since yesterday :( Been prescribed with antibiotic and hopefully everything will be fine soon!
Though I was down with throat infection, I am still as active as usual so I hope mummy won't be so worry la! :p

And look what I've got? Ah gong bought me this bunny tricycle and though I am not very good on it yet, I am learning ;)

And I also got new collection of cars! Thank you gugu and ah pek for the new cars! I can share with my friends already! Now who wants to play? =)


  1. 天气热吧?让Aden生病了?

  2. 不过他会活泼玩乐就会比较放心,如果病到晕薰薰就不好了!

    1. 嗯,对咯。。幸好还是很active,呵呵!

  3. 孩子生病最心疼了!还好有车子安慰,嘿嘿。

  4. 最近天气很炎热,小孩子又不爱喝水,很容易就热到了~~

  5. Aden is so cute, if aunty have chance to meet you, aunty wanna hug hug you, hehe...

  6. 最怕孩子生病了,祝aden早日康复~

  7. hahaha.. I like the second picture.. Both are very CUTE!!

  8. aiyoyo, Mummy must be busy because she needs to take care of Aden Boy?? hmmm, swollen eye and throat infection, i guess probably because of the weather and also heatiness lor.. at least Aden Boy is still as active as usual, then Mummy also doesn't need to worry that much lah, just let Aden Boy take the prescribed medicines as per doctor's instruction then surely will be okay.. tomorrow wake up open eyes and find Aden Boy playing hide and seek with Mummy :p

    1. see Ah Gong so sayang Aden Boy lah.. that bunny tricycle so cute, the bunny looks as if it is in a shock and then turned red because it is furious?? hahaha.. and can see Aden Boy is trying to control the tricycle huh?? yalah, take it slowly and learn how to control the ride, one day Mummy sure headache - because Aden Boy will be riding the tricycle and 橫衝直撞 inside the house until Mummy also 喊救命, hahaha!! :D

    2. Gugu and Ah Pek also sayang Aden Boy lah.. the new cars look so nice to play with leh.. haha, so good boy can share with friend ah?? very generous and not selfish at all hor?? all share share play only happy mah, right?? :)

  9. Kz is crazy over cars too.. And trucks.. Currently into Thomas & Friends.. Poor thing, down with throat infection ahh? G also got high fever the other day, doctor said due to swollen throat, now ok liao..

  10. Aden can become like big brother Small Kucing and have his own special blog la soon. ^^

  11. Wahhhhhh!!!! So many toys, lucky boy! Hope you are feeling better now.

  12. Should be either insect's bite or weather... :)) Get well soon!

  13. 别说aden,我都要长针眼了!!!!

  14. wow you have so many cool toys!

  15. aden早日康复!!好多人疼aden,好多礼物哦!

  16. Speedy recovery Aden! You are such a smiley and happy boy.

  17. Wow ... lucky Aden ! Got so many toys ! And, get well soon !

  18. 最近天气很不好,祝Aden早日康复~

  19. Wow! Now we have another child blogger sharing his happiness and observations! Hope you will get well soon and stay indoors to play with all the toys. Lucky boy!

  20. aden要照顾自己哦,妈咪照顾你很累呀,要乖乖!

  21. Aden still looks cute with big small eyes, poor boy, hope he is ok now.

  22. Boys like cars and girls like dolls, isn't it?

  23. Aden is so cute. I remember the time when I saw him. He was a baby then..

  24. My 2nd child also has some eye injection lately and I went to 1Malaysia clinic to collect its eye drop. Very effective. Maybe the next time Aden has eye allergic, you bring him to 1 Malaysia clinic and collect the eye drop. Very good I find it.

    Ooh, boys always boys. Never lack of toy cars. My boy also have so many cars that I finding it hard to keep them away. Lol!

  25. lol..this happened to my sis's bb-eyes 1 big 1 small..but somehow it willbe normal later....

  26. Boys will be boys, can never have enough cars! Get well soon sweetie :)


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