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Wednesday 18th

Nothing special is happening lately so you will probably read a lot of random posts like this, from me ;)

How was your Father's Day? I din't managed to celebrate with my daddy, nor celebrate for hubby as I was sick that day :(
But I managed to snap some photos of father-and-son's bonding fun.

Aden likes to kacau his daddy whenever he sees daddy playing with iPad. I asked Aden to kiss daddy here but he just din't bother =_=

Later, I snapped this, seems like 2 good friends playing iPad together xD

Well, no kisses for the daddy but at least he's willing to share his small piece of bread with him, while sitting on daddy's tummy playing horse ride, LOL!

On a side note, I am feeling much better already but still with mild cough. Thanks for the concern you have left previously, everyone must take good care too ya! Weather is getting terrible!

But poor Aden is down with fever and runny nose :(

Hmm, despite being sick, he's still that active and naughty, look at his expression here, he's thinking on how to grab daddy's iPad over. Or may be he was just being busybody checking out what daddy's playing... xD

This just arrived, thank you 小影 for the lovely souvenirs. Reminds me of my Korea trip last year ^^


  1. Take care, especially now that the weather is so hot...

  2. Poor Aden..speedy recovery. I received those too from 小影 .

  3. Mo celebration. My girl going back to her jungle school, no mood already. :(

    1. Oh, never mind la, can have post celebration.

  4. ah, this type of random post is nice to read too.. can see Aden showing his different sides mah.. and i like this post, it's all about father and son bonding.. kind of sweet huh?? a nice one written for Father's Day for sure.. so you still had energy to snap snap photo a bit while you were sick lah, haha~~ :p

    1. haha, probably Aden is closer to you lah, because it's almost like 24x7 following.. his Daddy needs to go to work so maybe not as close as he is to Mommy lor.. and growing up already, sure will feel a little more shy to kiss Daddy one, haha!! but then bribe him with the iPad, i think he will do anything hor?? :p

    2. i really love the first three photos leh.. especially the second one, haha, so cute lah.. like adik-beradik, like buddies, one putting his hands on the back of another, haha!! sometimes this Aden really acts like an adult hor?? or he actually imitate what the adults do?? :p

    3. aiyoh, poor thing.. kena dijangkiti by the Mommy is it?? never mind lah, 小病是福 and can improve the immune system also.. somemore Aden is still as active and as naughty as he usually is.. haha!! look at him, his face really was telling people that he was thinking of ways to get the iPad from his Daddy lor :D

    4. ah, i got the same thing from 小影 too!! that is indeed one very nice souvenirs set from her!! so generous and so nice, love it!! :)

    5. Guys and girls one is different, yours have more food, and hers one have extra mask, hehe!!! =]

    6. SK, yes was feeling better at that time so can snap photos, hehe!

      Yep, just bribe him with things he likes, then he will succumb, haha xD

      Aden is like a 大小人 la, what he sees he follows one, hehe~

      Yes lo, we stay in the same room so we catch the virus altogether, :(

      小影, haha really? That's very thoughtful of you!

  5. Wow.. got souvenirs..hehe..

    Din buy a lot during my trip to China. Majority was bought by sis, including the souvenirs and gifts for kids and relatives. :P

    1. Oh, haven't been to China so don't know what is famous there, hehe...

  6. Speedy recovery to Aden! Good photos of daddy and son to remember this father's day. Glad to hear you are much better but still need to take good care, ok? Thanks for your gift and especially the thoughts.

    1. Thank you mun, hope the gift is with you already, you are welcome!

  7. 父子之间互动很sweet =)

  8. Shame on me, during Father's Day, I didn't even wished my dad.. They came for a visit, but I totally had no idea that day was father's Day *phiak*
    Both kids just got better from fever and all, and my turn down with fever+sore throat, to be honest, really no mood to think what day is that, Father's Day or what, keke.. Okok, I know I'm a bad person talking like this..

    1. Hmm, never mind, can have post celebration, hehe.
      You were too busy and occupied so you forgotten la!

  9. Glad that you are recovering. And poor Aden that come down with fever. Hope he gets well soon. Yes, weather is very crazy lately. Take care there.

    Also no special Father's Day celebration for us.

    1. Yep, praying for rain !!

      Thanks anyway.

  10. Hopefully by now everyone is good. My kids keep pestering me to bring them to park in the evening but the heat is just killing me.

    1. I am still with a bit cough :(
      Yea, I think better reduce outdoor activity as I see got some haze now.......

  11. Hope Aden get well soon!!! =]

    And glad to hear you like it, you're welcome!!! =]

  12. Glad that you are recovering but now my turn to get sick after 6 months, got throat infection and cough... get well Aden...take care everybody weather has been bad and many people down because of heatiness

  13. glad he is still active though sick. Kids are like that. Cheerful boy

    1. Yep, but I am thankful he was still active la!

  14. I guess you could have pass the virus to Aden. Hope he get well soon.

  15. Glad that you are better but oh no Aden, get well sooon!

  16. Hello Hayley, how you doin'? Hope this finds you well.
    Holy Smoke! Your kid has really grown big last I saw him. Ok, time to get him a brother or sister, ha ha.
    You keep well, best regards and keep a song in your heart.
    Ps, Yvonne stopped blogging? If you see her please give her my very best regards. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lee! It's been a while!!
      I am fine here, just a bit unwell but am better now!

      Yep, Aden is sure growing fast ;)

      How about you? Hope everything is fine with you too, send my regards to your family too!

      Oh yep, Yvonne is too busy with works, I think she stops blogging, at least for the time being.
      But no worries, I will inform her about your regards ;)

      You take care!

  17. Time for him to have his own iPad!


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