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Product review: Redoxy (giveaway inside)

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It's made from:
- milk peptide
- hyaluronic acid
- salmon peptide
- alpha lipoic acid
- collagen
- growth factors
- Vitamin C
- Kojic acid
- Vitamin E
- Hydroxylated lecithin

Ok, I know some of the composition are way too scientific for us :p Let me just summarize this product, it's everything you need for the skin in one single bottle. 

This essence is suitable for:
1. male and female above 20 years-old 
2. coffee lover
3. people with stressful mind 
4. people who stay up late 
5. alcohol drinker
6. people who travel a lot
7. smokers
8. shift workers
9. people who work under air-conditioned all the time
10. people who exposed to UV often 

The essence is quite watery and has that creamy scent which I like.

It blends into the skin easily, and gives skin a glossy look instantly! 

So what's the benefits of using Redoxy you ask?

1. anti aging (perfect for my age now >.<)
2. moisturizing (something important for every age group)
3. promotes skin cells (so that I can have youthful skin all the time)
4. repair skin (say bye bye to scars!)
5. reduce pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines (I do have fine lines!)
6. Improves skin elasticity (who doesn't want skin which has the 'toing toing' effect? :p)
7. minimizing the pores (smaller pores naturally reduce skin issues)

Use this morning and night on problematic skin areas (even on under eye area to reduce eye bag and dark circles) and massage gently in circular motion and upward direction til it's fully absorbed. 
And believe it or not, Redoxy can be used on other parts of the body (scars and stretch marks) too! So basically it is like a facial cream as well as body lotion! Isn't it great? One bottle for all ;)

And here's my before-after photo of using Redoxy, within 5 days time. I notice the fine lines near my eye has reduced! And the use of Redoxy actually add glossiness to my skin!

I always believe if we take good care of the skin from the beginning, we will look good and be confident even without make up! (have to work hard on my eye bags though >.<)
I absolutely love how my skin feels now!

Here's how you can know more about Redoxy:

Alternatively, you may contact Huey Miin at 0167458077 (line,whatsapp, wechat), or (She is a helpful lady ^^)

By the way, if you are wondering, I don't sell this product (unfortunately).

Oh wait, I have got something special for you! Here's your chance to try Redoxy for FREE! 
Leave me a comment on why you wanna try Redoxy with the tagline 'Redoxy & Me', one of you will be the lucky one to receive a bottle of Redoxy worth RM 250. Giveaway ends before the next post is published.

Good luck!


  1. A one-for-all cream for the skin, wow.. Magic bottle I would say.. I also have fine lines near my eyes especially when I smile.. RM250 for moisturizer+toner+serum+eye cream too, ok wor..

  2. Redoxy & Me
    I hope the serum can help me reduce the scars and repair my skin.


  3. 'Redoxy & Me'
    My eyes are always my big troubles, hope this product may help to reduce my DARK circles. >.<

    1. Thanks for participating!

      Dark circles is very annoying right? >.<

  4. Redoxy & Me
    the most major problems on my face is pigment and fine lines, hope the serum can help.


  5. Redoxy & Me

    I have dark circles n i want to look good on my face...

  6. 'Redoxy & Me'
    My major problem is my eye, dark cirle and bags, and really hope this product can help me.

  7. I'm interested the try on this miracle products!
    Please wish me luck! Thanks dear! ^^

    'Redoxy & Me'


  8. i guess i don't need this now. hahaha. just give the chance for other blogger :D

  9. Oh wow... that actually works? Should i try?hmm...

  10. Hi, I want to reduce pigmentation....I'm interested the try on this miracle products!
    thank you for sharing.

    'Redoxy & Me'


  11. Oh geez, count me in !!

    I wanna try this product for a better and smoother complexion!!


  12. hahaha.. i was laughing loud when i read "...I know some of the composition are way too scientific for us... Let me just summarize this product, it's everything you need for the skin in one single bottle."!!!

    1. i thought you are starting to write review for the products you are selling, but surprise this post is a help for your friends woh.. good good, like that you help me i help you lah.. then got more people to help review the products mah.. one person only one face, how to try everything at one go?? must 分工合作 lah.. very smart!! :)

    2. i think if have heard this brand Redoxy before leh.. and this product has got so many benefits!! impressive!! anti aging; moisturizing; promotes skin cells; repair skin; reduce pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines; Improves skin elasticity; minimizing the pores.. wah, really everything i will need!!

    3. Redoxy & Me

      nowadays men also need to look good, it's not just the prerogatives of women.. hence, to slow down the aging or my skin, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, to minimize the always-have-been huge pores i have.. i would like to try out Redoxy to help me regain the elasticity and youth of my skin..
      so that i will look younger than Hayley!! :p

    4. Amboi!!! Mulut manis SK.....Semut Karamel....

  13. I dont mind trying this as I have been under too much sun lately. Hope it can lighten my skin and improve my skin tone. And yes, I want to stay youthful, maybe 10 years younger than my actual age! lol.

    Redoxy & me! I believe we are perfect match. ^^

  14. Love the packaging! Very unique and artistic.

  15. Redoxy & Me

    Women love Redoxy, for fine lines, wrinkles reducing & skin reparing..this is always my 1st choice for buying a product.

  16. 'Redoxy & Me'

    Had read so many blogger highly recommend on this product, I also wanna try to reduce my neck wrinkles!

  17. I want to reduce the fine lines near my eyes and hope it can helps me on my dull complexion area on my face.


    Redoxy & Me

  18. Haha... good luck to the folks who are interested in trying the product. I guess I'm too lazy to use it. Lol

  19. All the best to the lucky winner! Rm250 gift is really something.

  20. The packaging so unique and good luck to all the participants!! =]

  21. Redoxy & Me

    i want to minimize the pores on my face.

  22. wah what a wonderful product. Okay i will try my luck...

    1. 'Redoxy & Me'...hopefully , together we can chase away the wrinkle and frown line from late night reading and have a worry free blogging day

  23. Woo...seems like a wonderful product there.

  24. 'Redoxy & Me'
    I wish it can cure my ances and shrinken my pore.I hope a better skin with redoxy


  25. 'Redoxy & Me'
    One bottle of essence which helps to solve all my skin problem, I'm interested and of course wish to try it!

  26. This product seems packed with a lot of good things for the skin! It is good to start young when doing skin care. For me too late liao :D

  27. I love the packaging in the first photo. So unique and original!

    Redoxy & Me..

    Help! My eyes are tired and my face is falling apart now. With Redoxy, I am confident my face will be revived to its youthful glow and shine again!

  28. Redoxy & Me..
    I wanna give it a try if it can make my face as vibrant as yours, Hayley! Well, I know it is impossible.. but at least take away one or two lines perhaps? That is all I ask.... hahaha...

  29. Redoxy & Me..

    huh? why my comment disappear? OMG
    i wan try it, coz i saw many bloggers sharing in their blog recently, is look effective!
    please give me luck!

  30. Hi Hayley, I'm not familiar with these women stuff, except perfumes. But reading your writeup, this Redoxy looks good.
    The only thing I use for my self is my hair lotion and an aftershave.

    But I sure admire your interest and knowledge on all these...can see you have studied, done your homework well. Good for you.
    Have a great weekend and keep a song in your heart.

  31. Redoxy and me

    I have fine lines around my eye areas and I would like to reduce them

  32. Redoxy & Me..

    Bcoz I'm desperately seeking help for the fine lines and pigmentation that is starting to look like world map all over my face :(

  33. Redoxy & Me
    I am a mother of three LO n they are Mid nite lover ;P
    That's why I absolutely need it to reduce my dark circle n dull looking face.

  34. Redoxy & Me
    I hope I can get a free redoxy to reduce my acnes.
    Acnes, Ances, leave me alone forever please...

  35. i actually like this kind of for face and for other parts of the skin.. but then normally one for all kinda thing is not cheap.. haha..

  36. Redoxy & me

    i hope it helps on my oily skin,big pore n scar.

  37. 'Redoxy & Me'

    How can i resist to solve my skin problems (dark circles, less firming etc) by just one single bottle..
    Redoxy, i need you!

    Wish me luck!!!

  38. ' Redoxy & Me'

    If this is my ONLY hope, please send me this magic bottle.

    Am going to hit my mid 30s soon, tried so many eye serum, eye mask and it just in vain. Nothing helps and due to looking 'awful' with eyebags n wrinkles it makes me shy away from camera. Tired of lying to myself by using to edit my pictures everytime. Now i dont like looking at the camera anymore....comparing to 3 years back i love looking at my photos n always have the confident to take pictures again n again.

    Is this my last hope...i wonder...spend so much and nothing works.


  39. 'Redoxy & Me'

    Have tried other products and none was of help. Came accross this and would want to give it a go. I have big pores, scars, marks and wrinkles starting hitting the wrinkle age. Please can i be the lucky one to have a free magic bottle thanks.

  40. It's a great product indeed. I'm a guy and I'm using also :)


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