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Aden boy: 2 years 4 months

There's a change in Aden's sleeping time lately, he used to sleep around 11pm+ but lately, he sleeps after 12am >.< And wakes up after 9am (usually I'll have to wake him up cause the later he wakes up, the later he naps in the afternoon =_=)

He sleeps in between hubby and I since months ago and keep on bullying me! Sleep/roll on me, kick me and left only a small space for me!! Grrr! 

He is still the big boss at home! Getting better in mimicking us.  Well, I shall let him enjoy being the king until end of this year as beginning next year, he'll be going to school and learn to be a good discipline boy!
I also hope he can speak more properly too~ I taught him numbers and colors at home and so far, he's good with colors (his favorite is blue, green, red, white and black), but for numbers, he keep on saying 3 and 4 only, LOL!

Being his maid is no easy task, as I got to clean up the mess again and again. 

I understand that too much sweet stuff is not good, but I'll let him enjoy a bit of sweet treats once a while. Usually he can't finish the whole thing also la, all ended up in my tummy, LOL! 

This boy sure is growing heavier! I dare not weight him xD But the last weighing is 14kg =_= 

I talk to him every night before we kiss each other good night and I remember one night, I asked if it's ok if daddy and mummy give him a younger sister/brother to play with. At first, he nodded 'want' but seconds later, he keep on repeating 'don't want', LOL! Guess he really enjoys being on his own xD

That's all I can think of now, off resuming my duty as a maid. 

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


  1. I would suggest you to let Aden sleep at his own bed next to your bed probably. Start this habit as early as possible is actually much better. Keep telling him that the big bed is belong to daddy and mummy, Aden's bed is the small bed.

  2. Aden is growing up fast! Next year go to school, really fast!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. What a cute post! Your boy is growing up so fast and intelligent now. He knows how to be jealous and refuse a younger sibling. So smart lah!

    The cute photo eating ice cream clearly shows his resemblance with his daddy's looks. Now he talks 3 and 4, next time he might talk 5,3,5,4! Muahahahaha Just kidding la.

  4. aiyoh, so late only Aden goes to sleep?? hmmm, i thought kids usually goes to bed early and also wake up early?? dunno lah, just my very personal opinion, like go to bed at 9pm and then wake up at 7-8am like that..

    haha!! how come Aden only bullies you but not your hubby?? maybe you can change side with your hubby, then Aden will bully him instead!! or maybe let him sleep on your side, so that he will fall off from the bed, muahahaha!! aiyoh, this Uncle SK so jahat lah~~ :p

    1. wah, look at the way he sits with his iPad there, really like an Emperor lor, haha!! yeah, honeymoon years at home ending soon, next year masuk sekolah?? haha, sure he will meet all the other Emperors and Empresses, and hope they don't fight lor..

      errr, keep on saying 3 and 4 only?? hmmm, at least better than keep on saying 3 and 8 lah.. agree?? :D

    2. hmm, then it's like you are really assuming yourself as his maid to do everything for him and to tidy up his mess.. you can choose to become his Empress Dowager instead, and demand him to clean up his mess himself.. you really need to train him up, he will be entering school already.. you gotta let him know he is no more a 小霸王 like he is at home.. you gotta be more stern with him lah, 太寵了吧?? :)

    3. of course a bit of sweet stuffs for him is good lah, can treat that as "bait" or reward mah.. i got one friend, she sent her boy to a nanny and the nanny was so good, she trained the boy to have very 清淡口味, so this boy ah, he doesn't fancy all those sweets ah, snacks ah, chocolates ah like many kids do.. and the trick i heard was, train him to drink plain water only when growing up, don't give flavored drinks..

    4. wow 14kg already!! so are you still carrying him ah?? if yes, then you sure have very strong biceps already, haha.. yeah, daddy and mummy finally planing for a younger sister or brother already.. maybe now he enjoys being on his own, maybe next year when he starts mingling with other kids, he would like somebody to play with him at home also lah.. let's see~~ :)

  5. Haha did you ask him that question because you guys are planning already???

  6. Oohh, Aden sleeps so late ka? For me sure I konk out liao.. Both boys go into the bedroom around 9.30pm.. G will roll here there and doze off around 10pm or so.. Kz will fall asleep later, sometimes 11pm.. But never after 12am, haha.. Coz I also cannot tahan oohhh.. I sleep when G sleeps :)

    1. But don't forget both boys wakeup at 6.15am everyday too.. Poor thing, but what to do.. I have to get them downstairs by 6,45am, and send them to the nursery at 7am.. Then off to work I go.. So they must sleep early, coz they need to wakeup early the next day too..

  7. Glad to know that your baby boy is now growing up to be an intelligent kid! =) Aden definitely knows his way around his parents' heart. ^^

    I guess too much sweets will make him hyperactive?

  8. Such a good boy, so nice just to watch him sleep...

  9. Aden is so cute and aiyo...he has so many toys LOL!

  10. LOL! So smart, he knows if he get another brother/sister, he will no longer be the boss XD

  11. 好快哦,ADEN 长大了很多很多

  12. You can see him growing.


  13. Dont worry. My Jayden only start to talk when he was 3 years old plus! Now even 5 years old he still couldnt speak properly. Grammar all jumbled up. Sometimes I amazed myself by able to decipher what he is saying. Lol.

    Once kids go to school they will pick up more words and learn faster.

  14. Going to 3 soon. Time flies.. it's time to get him a lil sis or bro too.. if you plan to have one! hehehe..

  15. 明年要去幼幼班了喔,不知会不会哭?

  16. 看到你细数Aden的小淘气,他真的让你又爱又气吧?不过,他真的很可爱,而且他的体重真地让我觉得很棒,小肚子圆圆滚滚的。不过就可怜了妈妈的手臂咯~

  17. 最后一张的Aden有种big boy的气势,觉得他壮壮的身体和嘟嘟的脸蛋好肉紧~像韩国小男生的可爱!!

  18. hahah.....he's really cute and growing!!

  19. 他被玩具围绕的感觉应该很幸福吧!!!

  20. 14kg! Ethan is 7 years old now and he is 18kg :(

  21. 2 years 4 months, 14kg? is a good result ;)
    He really grown up like a big boy already... look at his chubby cheek... yoooooo, can i pinch him? Cute

  22. At this age, if you ask the little one if he/she would like to have a little brother/sister, normally they said no. But once the little one arrives, they will still be happy.

  23. Your son is really getting cuter and cuter! Yes, at this time...You really have your hands full.. but then another one comes, you can still able to manage too... mothers are born that way.. they are super woman! hahhaaa..

  24. Can I know which and where the school u register for Aden?

  25. 14kg! I can agine ur tension ..i

  26. time to let him to have his own bed or room before he starts school. Shopping for a new bed with him is a good start! And if its his own room, let him have a hand in the room colour even if its a terrible colour...


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