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Products review (part II)

If you haven't know already, I started my first online business last month, you can click HERE to see what are the products I sell.

Then, I wrote the first product review HERE and today, I shall continue on with part II.

But first, I wanna extend my appreciation to a few bloggers here (you know who you are) who bought some products from me lately, thank you for trusting me, thank you for the support and I hope you like the products~

I tried annie's way snail repairing jelly mask the other day, it's for nourishing and long lasting moisturising, suitable for dry and normal skin. I know some of you might think 'snail essence?!', but you know it's some latest technology which is rich in moisturising and helps in skin reproduction.

When using jelly mask we should apply the mask thick, about 0.5cm, and then scrap them off with the spatula given (the scraping process can at the same time remove dead skin cells)

And the result, skin feels brighter (due to dead skin cells removed) and moistened!
(RM 85 per bottle, 250g) 
(It doesn't contain preservative so must be finish using within 3-4 months after opening)
(It has a total of 9 types for different functions)

And here's what my customer think about the jelly mask =)

Besides jelly mask, annie's way also has paper mask which can delivers visible results too~

Comes in 5 types, acne control, whitening, anti allergy, moisturising and anti aging. 

Paper mask is indeed easier to use since we doesn't need to rinse them off. But I got to be honest, both jelly and paper mask do have their own pros, the results delivered by jelly mask is more long lasting then the paper ones.
But it depends on individual also, say for example, if you're tired or in a hurry, you may just prefer the paper mask.
(RM 12 per pieces)

Apart from these 2 masks, the green bean mask is also very good to use. It helps in deep cleansing, oil and acne control.

And see what my customer says ;)
(RM 30, 150g)

And so far, my best selling product is the Osmanthus eye mask, click detailed review HERE.

(RM 49, 60 pieces)

And the reviews =)

This week, I stock in another wonderful product, miracle aloe vera gel.

It can be used from head to toe, and it's 99% organic. Can be treated as body lotion and sleeping mask and it's very hydrating. Even can helps treat cracked heels, chapped and dry lips, wounds, dry skins and blisters.
I shall share the results with my dear readers soon ^^

If you're interested in any products above, do leave your comment here and I shall get back to you.

That's all for today, thank you for reading!


  1. 你的生意好像越来越好了哦,哈哈,加油!

  2. The aloe vera gel got expiry date? If no, what's the price? I might get one. Seems like something that I can bring with me when I go for business trips to those cold countries...

    1. I checked but that's not written on the bottle, I will check with my supplier ya!
      It's RM 99 per bottle (500ml), quite a big bottle, so sure worth it~

  3. 好久不见,好久没留言了 ^^


  4. testimony also! Well done! Can see your skin really radiance and clean after the mask treatment.

  5. I am happy to hear that you got a good start off with support from bloggers here. You have always carried yourself well so everyone could trust your taste and judgement too!
    Now I am also interested in the eye mask for my wife as I buy all her stuffs from clothes to creams and even VS!! Lol
    I will wake up tomorrow and place my order.

    1. Thanks for the compliments TM!
      And thanks for the support, we chat in whatsapp ya ;)

  6. Glad you're getting support from your blogger-friends.

  7. Hayley, I have tried the eye mask twice, I can see improvement on my dark circle. The dark circle is lesser already. I can see great result on reducing the wrinkles around my eye area too. Thanks Hayley. I would love to try the aloe gel.

    1. Wow that's great! Glad to hear that!
      Ok sure, i ll bring to you tomorrow ;)

  8. Hayley, glad to see that your business is getting lots of support!

  9. Osmanthus eye mask X2, how to pay?

    1. 嗨,你给我电邮吧,我们那里聊。谢谢!

  10. aloe vera gel should be very good. Heard it is not only for cosmetic use only . also if you have burnt, can apply aloe

  11. Keep up the good work! Enjoy your weekend with your family!

  12. 因为敏感肌肤,医生已经告诫我,不可以随便乱用保养品了,前几天还花了不少钱看医生,所以帮衬不到你,不过还是希望你生意大好!

  13. great to hear that you are starting well in your online business.. and the more product review you are sharing here, i guess that means the better your business has been going, right?? haha..

    1. the jelly mask looks like good stuff woh.. the pores get smaller and almost invisible, wow, amazing dei!!

    2. and you are very clever to screen cap the conversation you had with the users, those are indeed very convincing testimonial.. got people tried before and praise of the resulting effect, surely boost the confidence of your potential customers who are still 15/16 about buying..

  14. I have really dry skin, maybe I should try the jelly mask out but wait for my hydrating mask finish then only order from u :P

  15. Ahhh finally you mentioned the price liao for the jelly mask.. It feels like food to me.. And your face looks really smooth after using the mask.. Your face memang all the while very fair and smooth jor, now after this mask lagi smooth I think..

  16. I like the Osmanthus Eye Mask too. Been using it quite frequently.

  17. snail essence? Heard of it but first time come across this product :)

  18. 我对osmanthus eye mask有兴趣耶!FB inbox 你 =)

  19. hye interested to try the greanbean staying in much the postage will cost?or is it free postage? hope u cn reply soon :)

  20. Hi Hayley
    I am interested in the eye mask. Pls email me.
    Thank you


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