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Still here!

My phone decided to die on me today :'(

I hope it can be fixed and come back to me soon!

Life without a proper phone these days is really not good!

Will find time to blog properly, might not be able to comment at your blog lately (due to the lazy bug in me) but I still read your updates!

Til then, have a nice day ahead!


  1. 哈哈.。。 好像我啦。。沒手提電話很不習慣,超麻煩的。

  2. Faster buy mi3, they open for order now. mi4 will be same price as Samsung/iPhone, which is bloody expensive.

  3. oh, sorry to hear that!! but then that means you have got a good reason to buy yourself a new phone already.. hihihi, you were using iPhone 4S i remember?? so going for iPhone 6 or even iPhone 6+ huh?? wah, such a nice timing..

    and so true lah.. nowadays without a phone is like you are missing something right?? you feel rather uneasy also.. like nothing to hold on hand, nothing for you to peep for the time or message or updates, and nobody could find you without one!!

  4. can't live without a phone and internet too

  5. If i forget to bring my phone out, i will feel uneasy

  6. 我觉得没有手机很世界末日

  7. 希望你手机早日康复,现在没有手机在身边真的很不习惯

  8. Sorry to hear about your phone. Hope it gets back to you all fixed and like brand new.

  9. Oh dear! Hope you got your phone back already.

  10. Sorry to hear about your phone. So can buy new phone already lor.. I also publish a post like once a week only.. Sometimes less.. Depends on mojo too..

  11. 没手机真的好辛苦,暂时都用电笔来上网咯~

  12. Get a backup phone. Xiaomi is a cheap option.

  13. 没关系,没有手机的日子,你就暂时静下来,想想或做其他的事情咯!

  14. masuk hospital? speedy recovery to your phone.

  15. Think on the positive side.. you might be getting a new phone soon... :)

  16. Get a spare phone. That what I do. I use my phone for everything from surfing, blogging to youtube. Cant live without it!!

  17. Sorry to hear about your phone, Hayley. Hopefully it'll be returned to you soonest possible without the slightest hiccup.

    There are two ways to look at it: 1) you could take a break to regain the mojo (unless you can't live with your phone) or 2) you could convince your hubby to buy you a new phone? *winks*

  18. 没有手机比没有笔电还来得辛苦,哭~不过你可以暂时远离一切,好好做别的事情哦!

  19. I hope your phone is back to normal now..

  20. fingers crossed that all is fine now...or do you have a new phone?


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