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Eastern Europe: Hotel & food (the end)

Warning: post loaded with photos!
During the 10D7N trip, we stayed at a total of 5 different hotels. Changing hotel has its pros, like we can experience different hotel and the service, but the most tiring part is unpacking and packing the luggage >.<

Anyway, at Zagreb, we stayed at Esplanade Zagreb Hotel.

 The room is very spacious, this is one of my favorite!

 Bathroom is huge too, with 2 washing basins

 And bathtub and a separate bathroom

 As well as big closet with mirrors

 We walked around the hotel the next morning...

 Nice and well maintained flower field

At Dubrovnik, we stayed at Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel.

 This is my top favorite hotel of all. I love that they prepare so many pillows!! ;) One for my head, one underneath my knees, one as my bolster, haha! xD

 Room is big too!

 There's a small balcony too~

 It's by the sea so scenery is very beautiful

Next, the third hotel is Le Meridien Lav Split Hotel.

 Room is quite big as well~

 Hmm I wonder what's the chair for? Not high enough to reach the mirror also....

 This hotel is also by the sea, we get to breath in fresh sea air in the morning~

At Zadar, we stayed at Falkensteiner Club Hotel.
According to the tour leader, there's not many hotel in Zadar since it's a small town, this one is consider one of the best already.

 Not sure if you can tell but the room is quite small, with only basic necessity

 Bathroom is small too~

 No toiletries are provided, just a dispenser of shampoo with body wash

Last but not least, at Slovenia, we stayed at Grand Hotel Union.

 Room is ok, no complain from me ;)

Overall, the hotel rooms are clean and odorless, that's my main concern when comes to staying at hotel.

Food wise, we do have a mixture of local and Chinese cuisine throughout the trip. Chinese food, nothing much to shout about, of course cannot compare to what we have here, but I appreciate the management's effort to arrange a few Chinese meals for us.

You may wonder why Chinese cuisine since we are already there? Must try their local food right?
Here's my guessing, about 80% of the guests are elderly (aged 50 and above), I think if you ask them to eat European food everyday, sure they won't used to it.

Anyway, for hubby and I, we din't have much complain since we are not picky eater :p But I must comment about their rice..........
Below are some local food we had, just a few to share:
 A plate for 2 person, chicken, fried squids, fish and rice (at the bottom)

 So the thing about their rice is, half of them is like 'half-cooked', taste very hard, unlike the rice we had, all cooked and soft. May be it's their way of cooking and serving the rice, but I just cannot used to it~

 The 2 pieces of bread tasted like our 'yao char kuai'. By the way, cheese and butter are something very common there, as well as cold buns (forgot to take photos), buns and breads are on every tables

 Curry beef and mashed potato

 Can tell what is this? ;)

 Actually what I shared here are consider main course, of course they served appetizer first and finish with dessert. No photos of appetizer and desserts cause they were quite normal. Appetizer usually is salad or fish soup/mushroom soup, dessert is cakes or ice cream.

 The pork knuckles is quite good, just a bit salty

 I remember this drumstick is good til I want another piece, hehe!

 Don't ask me what kinda fish, I have no idea~

 Wine, liquors and beers are served everyday, but I was a good girl, I din't had any :p

 Hehehe :p

 The lobster is so fresh and juicy! Lingers lickin' good!

 While in Zadar, we came across a shop selling local famous candies and chocolates

Their ice cream looks good!

 A plate for 4 person, chicken, beef, fish, potatoes and rice

Notice the ketchup on the top left corner? The management bring the ketchup all the way from Malaysia =)

During the last night, they had a surprise birthday celebration for those born in October and yay, I was one of them

 Then they requested the partner to kiss the birthday ladies *shy*

Phew, so this is the last post of my travelogue this year. I am happy that I can finish writing about it this fast! xD
I hope you enjoy all the photos I've shared, and due to time constraint, I din't manage to write in Chinese, but I must thank you all for the comments and supports! Muacks!

In case if you miss any of the posts, here's the link:
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  1. Looks like you had a great time! The hotels are nice. The food also not bad. Maybe they don't know how to cook rice that's why some are still hard hee..hee..

  2. I love big bathrooms with separate bath tub and bathroom!! ^^

    Hotels are all so grand.

    Lovely shot of you and hub. Indeed a surprise.

  3. 我也最喜欢你的第二家酒店(基本都很美)


  4. Agree! I think the second hotel is the best too, from your pictures!
    Those Europeans not used to the way we eat our rice. If you ever eaten risotto, then you will know, they cook it al dente, 80% cooked to maintain some crunchiness, for them that is delicious =)

  5. Yeah.. The thing about changing hotel is the packing & unpacking.. Food looks good.. Butter and cheese are my favourite.. I like.. So you gained any weight mou, since you ate so much good food there?

    1. I think I did lo! Din't go and weight purposely la :p

  6. oh the last post for your 10D7N travelogue.. you are pretty efficient this time huh, haha.. so 10D7N 是怎樣算的?? find that quite weird leh, how come got 3N or at least 2N missing?? so 實際上 how many days were you actually tripping??

    anyway, i think it's very common to move from one hotel to another when we travel lah.. so in average you stay in a hotel for only one night, and yeah, keep on packing and unpacking, and hope you have not left behind any of your belongings.. i joined a 3-week group tour before and i know what you mean, haha.. average one night stay and next morning gotta leave, the longest stay also just two nights in the same hotel, haha.. 好像走難的感覺 lor~~ :D

    but looks like the hotel you stayed are all very nice and comfortable leh 很坻 lorr.. actually i think you also didn't spend much time in the hotel right?? everyday get up early in the morning, and until late evening after dinner only you went back to the hotel.. so as long as clean and tidy, i guess also jadi for a good nights sleep lah right?? nice that some of your hotels are near to beautiful places where you can just walk around for more sight-seeing..

    food food food!! wow, forget about Chinese but looking at the food photos you are sharing here, hey, they actually looked nice woh.. i am surely one who would love to try out the local food, luckily not 餐餐都是中餐 though i can see there seemed to be rice with almost every meal.. was that what the locals really eat usually, or the rice were just add-ons like the tomato ketchup to suit the taste of your group?? hmmm, come to think of it, the tomato ketchup was indeed imported when brought from Malaysia leh, haha!!

    and your tour agency is very good leh.. nice itinerary, comfortable hotel and good food.. some more got surprise party for the October babies!! you were so lucky, and so siweet siweet that your hubby kissed you in front of the group members huh?? celebrating birthday with other October babies in a foreign country, what a nice experience.. :)

    oh, that's it!! that's all for your Eastern Europe trip, that's very fast!! wonder where you will be heading to next.. which part of Europe and Americas that you have not been to?? :p

    1. SK, 10 days is from 19/10 til 28/10 (including 19/10). 7 nights starts from 20/10 til 26/10 (including 20/10), got 2 nights spent in the plane...

      Yes sometimes really feel like 走难 one, haha!

      Yep, those hotels we stayed are consider quite good, the first 2 especially. True, we left the hotel in the morning and came back at night.

      Rice is what they usually have also la.

      Indeed a nice tour agency and itinerary since this is an incentive trip ;)

      Heading where next? No idea yet la!! Eh I have not been to many parts of Europe and America leh!

  7. Me too! Love lots of pillows and bolsters. Nice hotels. romantic, last pic. Food looks really good.

  8. Usually i will buy a bottle of bath foam if i go holiday and pour into the bath tub in the hotel, and soak myself there, hehe...

  9. 还有生日惊喜好棒哦!很sweet =)

  10. the first bathroom very nice leh. i like tha they have separate area.

    wah what a wonderful time you had there

  11. Nice food....
    somemore got birthday surprise!!!

  12. All the hotels looks so good and somehow I love the zadar hotel ....I like the paint and design over there.

  13. Enjoy reading ur travelogue ;)

  14. I like the second hotel's room, modernly designed yet cozy

  15. I don't mind staying in many hotels when I travel. It's a good way to experience.

  16. Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel looks very nice but a little "cookie cutter" - it's like Hilton or Kempinski it looks almost the same anywhere in the world!

    I like Hotel Esplanade Zagreb - now the photos of that room has *character*! It really looks like a "independent" hotel (can't explain it, it's in the furnishings) and I love hotels like that.

    I love the food photos, the lobster looks awesome, as does the Ducati ice cream. Mmm...

    Happy belated birthday Hayley! Love your travel posts.

  17. great food and nice place to stay!! oh, btw, happy belated b'day to u!...want a kiss from me?

  18. Hotels rooms all look good and so as the food! Did you put on weight after the trip? Haha

  19. The rooms look gorgeous! The packing and unpacking I also find tiring.

    Is that pork grilling in your photo?

  20. Surely all the hotel rooms look fabulous. Bet you and your hubby had a lovely stay during your trip.

  21. I like the first and the second hotel, the rooms are so big and nice!! Especially the huge mirror, hehe!! =]


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