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Eastern Europe: Montenegro and Bosnia

So Croatia is the first country we visited during the trip.
The second country we visited is Montenegro. 

From Dubrovnik Croatia, we took a ferry with the coach along to Montenegro. As you can see it was cloudy and the wave was strong! Needless to say, wind was blowing (see my hair xD)

Upon arrival at Montenegro, the coach driver took us to Kotor, a coastal town in Montenegro.
I have no idea why is it named Kotor, but I can tell you this place is very Bersih!! :p

 It was raining at Kotor, and it even flooded a bit at some places which are lower. I believe most of our shoes and socks were wet!

 But since we are already here, we couldn't just sit inside the bus/restaurant right? So when the rain wasn't so heavy, we grabbed the chance and followed our local tour guide to walk around this old town.

Luckily rain stopped after that! =)

 Here we see some souvenir shops, restaurants and a few boutiques

 As well as some unused church

 Similar to other places we went, the place is very well maintained and clean! But not many people here, probably due to the rain....

Sky turned dark again shortly after so we got to ran back to the bus, and I saw this nice big cruise nearby

Lucky we ran fast cause once we got on the bus, it started to rain cats and dogs again =_=

On day 5, we traveled South to another country, Bosnia-Herzegovina. I think most of you have heard about this country.

 Hello sunshine, I miss you!

 Here we were heading to Mostar, a beautiful old city by the river of Neretva

 Can you see the beautiful buildings and hills behind me?

 Though the sun was shining brightly but the wind was cold! So have to put on our jacket...

 Mostar is one of the most important city in the Herzegovina region, and everything is very well maintained here

 There are lots of souvenir shops here! But most of the things sold here are almost the same...

 Most merchants take Euro here...

 Snack bar, restaurants and cafes are available too!

 Ice cream in this cold weather is an enjoyment to me, hehe!

 That's the river of Neretva. Super clean without sampah! I simply love this view!

The tiles on the bridge are well maintained from the beginning

I can tell Mostar is one of my favorite place throughout the whole trip, I just love the view here, in fact I never thought there's such a nice beautiful city in Bosnia (cause when we mention Bosnia, usually what people think is that it had been through lots of wars and is a poor country).

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  1. Ice cream! :D So the baby didn't join this honeymooning trip?

    1. Of course no, else you will see his photos :p

  2. Oh yes certainly, I could see the wind blowing quite strong.. I also see everyone holding similar umbrellas.. Giver free by the tour agency? Ahhh, as I scroll down, I see ice creams.. Weather cold, lagi makan ice cream, syiok !!!

    1. The umbrella is given by the group, not the agency ;)

  3. 这个Kotor非彼我们的kotor啦!哈哈哈哈哈
    river of Neretva很像一幅画,你应该把照片放大一点的!

  4. I very scare when travelling and it rain, will be inconvenient to walk around...

  5. Love that church, the bells and all. Very nice.

  6. ah, finally two names I have heard before.. Montenegro and Bosnia, but of course I have heard of the country names but not the city name, haha!! Kotor (which is not kotor but bersih) and Mostar and also River Neretva!! a few more terms added into my geographical vocab, hehe!! :)

  7. wah!! this trip very berbaloi leh.. you not only took domestic flight, but also ferry cruise other than just coach.. so Montenegro is so near to Croatia only huh?? just across a river or sea like that?? how long is the ferry ride?? like going to Penang or longer??

  8. what an interesting name, Kotor!! hehe.. but too bad it was raining else I am sure you were able to see more and do more!! so another advantage of joining a group tour is, they have got you umbrellas just in case!! and it's YORK your favorite brand, York Mei taking York umbrella in Kotor, haha!! :p

  9. yes you are right, when it comes to Bosnia Herzegovina, I really think of wars only but little thst I know this country is so beautiful!! guess they have also taken quite sometime to rebuild the country and the beautiful scenery huh?? Mostar is really a lot nicer than the other places you went woh, maybe because of the view as well as the more colorful buildings around lor.. so far, I also like this place among the other places you've been.. :)

  10. Even in cold weather, must eat ice-cream LOL!

  11. OMG!! stunning view of the River Neretva!! the river is so clean and the water so crystal blue, almost like fake leh.. it's really very picturesque of the shot you have taken.. wah wah wah.. I think I can stand there for long just to admire the beautiful scenery right in front of my eyes!! amazing.. you should have bought more ice-cream to eat there.. 一邊欣賞美景, 一邊品嚐雪糕, how enjoyable!! :)

  12. Lucky one day rainy then you got a sunny day. :)

  13. Lol. Maybe Kotor has different meaning in their language. It was indeed very neat and clean. And lovely shot of you in front of the cruise.

    Yay. Somehow eating ice cream during cold weather was exciting. I had ice potong in Korea when it was snowing. Surprising it was not so cold. Maybe because we were used to the temperature and felt numb.

  14. LOL! When I saw Larkin in San Francisco, I was already very amused, but this Kotor beats Larkin pants down! :D
    I'm glad to see that you like Mostar too, I've read a lot about this city from other angmoh travel bloggers. I will come here when I embark on my Europe adventure..

  15. 都是古迹,建筑物都很美呢

  16. LOL Kotor. Did you tell the driver the meaning of Kotor in Malay? Guess he might have a laugh if he have sense of humor.

    What a bummer for it to rain....lucky it stopped soon. Lovely pics

    1. Haha nop, we din't tell him what's the meaning :p

  17. Hope you climbed the wall of Kotor, it is one of the most amazing things there is. Enjoy your trip.


  18. I am having the same impression too about Bosnia, probably they have rebuild & refurbished the city after the war...or the media has exaggerated the whole issue last time.

  19. You have really explored some of the not-so-common touristy countries in the world!

  20. Lucky you got to the bus just in time before the heavy rain. You are really adventurous to pick this tour. Nice scenery. Ice cream in cold weather is really chi kit!

  21. Very scenic. Though sunny but windy and cooling at the same time, gotta be very nice experience.

  22. I like the river, so beautiful

  23. Hi Hayley, love the pics you took here. The scenes are spectacular. And that big cruise ship in harbour is beautiful.
    I am surprised its not that cold there seeing you and hubby in light jackets.
    I guess you both did a lot of walkabouts....
    Hope maybe one day I'll visit this place.
    Have fun.

  24. Love all the pics. I guess not many folks visit this part of Europe as mostly will go for France, Swiss, Italy and Spain.

  25. Everyone is using YORK umbrella! Loves the hills. So beautiful.

  26. Hmmm...spotted the same umbrella.HAhha

  27. haha...York sponsoring the umbrellas? i hate it when it rains during travel, so troublesome to bring umbrella and hard to shoot nice picture...But anyhow u look great there!

    1. Yep, they distributed the umbrellas for us ;)

      True, very inconvenient too!


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