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Eastern Europe: Slovenia (Bled & Ljubljana)

The second last country we visited is Slovenia. This morning we came to Bled, an Alpine town alongside glacial Lake Bled. So it's actually a lake with an island in the center.

 In order to go to the island, we need to take this traditional Pletna boat, nice solid wooden boat~

 Each ride can take up to about 20 passengers....

 Here we go!

 We chose to sit at the front of the boat =)

 And this is the handsome boatman! Yes all pletna boat is without engine and rely solely on the boatman, because they wanna preserve this beautiful lake without polluting it. I actually love this concept! And I think all boatman here must have very strong arms cause imagine they need to paddle thousands KG of weight to and fro everyday ;)

 Weather was good this morning and coming to this scenic beautiful lake, I am not willing to leave! :p

 The boat ride is about 5-8 minutes

Then we reached the island~

 The exercise for this morning is to climb this long staircase! >.<
That's a souvenir shop/cafe and church on top, we spent about 30 minutes walking around the place

 Everything is beautiful here! I can say Bled is also my favorite place after Bosnia~

 The water is cold!

Leaving Bled, we proceed to a fairy castle nearby.

 We also had our lunch here

 Have to climb a bit to the castle

 And this is what we see from top of the castle!

 Very beautiful isn't it? But it was a bit cold here~ Brr~

 Lovely flowers can just grow from the wall and rooftop under this weather

Leaving the castle, we traveled to Ljubljana (pronounced as lub-ya-na), the capital and largest city of Slovenia.

 A short funicular ride to see the medieval hilltop castle

 At the hilltop, we could see the whole Ljubljana city

 We had a group photo here~

Leaving the hilltop, we had a short city tour before we walked back to the hotel and rest.

 Along the way, we spotted a big beautiful church

 And also a very cute interesting Volkswagen car which we don't see here in our country =)

 We passed by many historical buildings and squares at this Old Town

The hotel we stayed is actually nearby this square

Bear with me, 2 more posts (plus a giveaway) to end my travelogue! Very fast and efficient isn't it? Haha, cause I don't wanna drag my travelogue til next year!! And I also don't want to bore my readers too much la so I combine a lot of photos into one post. 
That's all for today, thanks for reading! ;)

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  1. Love all the pictures here but I love most is the pic of that handsome boatman! Wink wink :P

  2. Its so clean over there in Slovenia especially the lake, the streets and the canal. And, it's like a highland over there, so misty but good weather. Hope I can visit too someday. Lovely photos there , Hayley and thanks for sharing over the past few posts. :)

  3. aiyo.... see handsome boatman cannot let go .... tsk tsk tsk .... must take his photo! Where are the pretty ladies ? Your hubby got take ? hehehe...

  4. The photos are all so romantic and beautiful. I would love to live there too ~ so peaceful and cool. Hey, take your sweet time to post many more photos. Nobody is complaining lah. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Bore? I love your travelogues leh, Eastern Europe is a region that fascinates me, so many places there are in my travel bucket list! I don't mind if you make 50 more posts with all these lovely pictures! :D

  6. All very nice photos, like seeing/reading postcards..The lake is beautiful, I like.. Taking the boat ride is so peaceful, I would love to take the ride everyday timmm..You won't bore us la, do share more, it's your blog, your like, your sukak..

  7. Oooo...nice boats! Such a lovely place.

  8. The boatman is young compare Malaysia's boatman who usually is an old man that i meet.

  9. 喜欢你们在castle顶楼看下来的景色,好美呀!!!

  10. 好羡慕你到处走走喔,照片都很好看!

  11. wow, today's post is full of beautiful photos leh.. Slovenia is such a beautiful country!! though i have not head of Bled (i hope nobody bled while visiting this place), but i have heard of Ljubljana!! yay, finally there is one city you have been there i have heard about before!! hahahaha, at least feel less jakun now, hehehehe!!

    1. the Lake Bled is so beautiful leh, wow, and so nice you have got a chance to ride the traditional wooden boat pletna which is rowed by boatman, reminds me of the gondola in Venice..

      magnificent view around the lake and i bet the lake water is also very clear, such a picturesque place almost like a heaven huh?? and i can see, besides the hustles of the tourist pletna, there were two person like "skating" on the surface of the water (the one on top of your description "The boat ride is about 5-8 minutes".. sorry ah, because you didn't label your photos and you have got like 50 photos in this post, i am not going to count them but just put that description - and luckily this one comes with description, hehehehehe!!).. so what were those two person riding?? looks like quite challenging like can fall into the water anytime if cannot have a good balance..

      aiyoh, so beautiful i keep scrolling back to see the beautiful photos and admiring the scenic views..

    2. so nice lor this trip to Bled.. you not only rode on the pletna to feel the lake water, but you also went up to the Castle on the hill and see the lake from far and atop!! two totally different feelings huh??

      such a magnificent view from the hill and i guess the air must be very fresh also.. i will have no problem standing there for 30 minutes just to look at the calm lake, breathe the fresh air and relax myself..

      very cold?? maybe because you were just wearing a thin sweater.. i can see your other tour mates all wearing thick winter clothing woh..

    3. ah, Ljubljana, i heard of this place because my friend went there, haha!! so now i can see this place in real (of course from your photo lah)..

      so how long was the ride of the funicular to the medieval hilltop castle?? looks like just a couple of minutes away only, but shyiok also lah, better than have to climb all the way up right?? and can see the castle is packed with people leh.. look at the view from the castle, so beautiful, no wonder so many people lah.. and i guess this place must be one of the major attractions of Slovenia.. hehehehehehehe, group photo!! hmmm, with such a big group, i wonder how long did it take you for that shot?? and have you got your photos already??

      nice stroll along the city center.. hmmm, that canal kind of ring a bell to me, maybe my friend has shown me that before in the photo, or was it some other places ah?? hahaha, uncle old already cannot remember well..

    4. yes woh, very efficient woh.. so how many days was your trip actually?? can finish blogging about it in just 6 posts, haha!! like that i must feel embarrassed for dragging my 8-days Hokkaido trip into more than 10 posts over the span of two months leh!! haha.. no wonder, everyone started to get bored, so when it comes to travelogue, we all understood lah, must write short and sweet hor?? i learned that lesson~~ :p

  12. Love the scenic views of the places you visited. Both of you look awesome, on holiday mood :)

  13. nice weather there it least sky is clear to see the scenery around.

  14. The lake is really beautiful! Good to see you have taken many lovely photos of both of you to remember this trip.

  15. I love your travel posts! I've never been to Slovenia before - the only Eastern European country I've been to is Georgia. Latvia is technically Northern Europe but I loved it too!

    Reading your travelogue makes me wanna go back to Europe again, and off the well travelled path!

    Bosnia sounds like an awesome place!

    I'm always procrastinating when it comes to writing about my travels, I still haven't written about my two European backpacking adventures in 2009 and 2011.

    I've seen that Volkswagen car before in Autostadt on one of my trips to Germany with VW. It's the XL1, very cool covered rear wheel.


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