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Eastern Europe: Zagreb, Cavtat

This time, we boarded Turkish Airlines and flied to Zagreb Croatia (transited at Istanbul), total flight time is about 12 hours plus >.<

Upon arrival, we had lunch at one of the Chinese restaurant at Zagreb.
For your information, Zagreb is the largest and the capital of Croatia.

Photo taken just outside the restaurant. Temperature at Zagreb is fine, about 20'C the highest. 

First tourist spot we visited right after lunch is this Ban Jelacic Square

We were standing near the plate where the local tour guide were explaining where exactly we were, and also the buildings around this square

That's the Ban Jelacic statue behind us, this place is also the central point and meeting place for many local people

Public transportation is pretty convenient as they have this city tram all around the city

That's the funicular behind us, probably the shortest cable car ride around, less than 5 minutes ;)

Here I am at the Gornji Grad (upper town).Yes that's me, wind is blowing at this upper land...

Yes that's me again xD

The nice St Marks church

There are several cafes and shops as we walked down the upper town. Having a break here is just perfect, not too hot and not too cold!

There's also a small market here which sells mostly flowers...

The next morning, we came to this square again but visited the other side of the it.
That's the Zagreb cathedral behind us

We had a few minutes walk at the open air market nearby, din't buy anything as they sell mostly vegetables, fruits and flowers

Then we took a domestic flight to another city, Dubrovnik

We came to this beautiful town, Cavtat

It's on the Adriatic sea and the surroundings are just beautiful

Welcome on board! xD

Lots of big and small boats/yachts around here

There are lots of cafes/restaurants at Cavtat, some even offer fresh seafood

Before heading to our seafood dinner, we had high tea at one of the cafe nearby

I'll want to do this again! The feeling is just nice, sipping my hot chocolate while enjoying the beautiful serene scenery

Thanks for reading and I shall continue with my travelogue next week!
Have a fruitful weekend ya all!


  1. Love to see the photos of the old buildings especially the cathedral.

  2. A nice and relaxing post, with little words and more pictures, I like, no need to digest much, just enjoy your lovely photos.. You still look fresh and lovely even after the 12 hour-flight.. If me, I think I'd turn into a zombie with smelly stinky mouth jor, hehehe..

  3. 看照片看得过瘾,期待下一篇!

  4. Enjoy viewing all the nice pictures. You guys looked relax and having a great time.

  5. 超喜欢对着美丽的景色,在那么好的环境下享用午茶,感觉真的好棒!

  6. Nice views!

    We were forced to take Turkish Airways as our flights got canceled and it was a horrible 11 hours for us... The flight is so tight and hot! Did you enjoy yours?

    1. There's only two things I dont like bout the airline, the food and the choices of entertainment. The rest all tolerable la, hehe!

  7. What a lovely trip with beautiful photos! Both of you looked so young like teenagers in love all over again! So sweet nia, semut mari liao!

  8. You did not answer my question in my comment on your earlier post on the trip:
    "You went on a guide tour? How was the "service"? You think you would recommend the travel agency? I prefer guided tours to going on my own...but I saw on Facebook, one here took a friend on a tour to China, abandoned them! So bad!"

    1. STP, I saw your comment but din't able to reply.
      Yes I follow group tour, the agency is called Best Experience, from KL. The service is very good and professional and I will sure recommend this agency!
      It is my 6th time traveling with this agency ;)

    2. Ok, thanks. Will google that up and see. Don't trust those small time fly-by-night ones here. Thanks for the info.

  9. Saw the pictures in the fb, a very nice place...

  10. Your pictures feel like honeymoon pictures, can feel the sweetness overflowing :D

  11. The cat so cute, oh ok ok, you also cute lah, hee hee

  12. yay, finally you have started your travelogue for your 10-day East Europe trip.. wow, i guess i have never heard of those names of the cities you went leh, except Croatia (the country name sure heard before) and Istanbul (this one i know it's the capital of Turkey).. you transited in Istanbul but not a stopover huh?? aiyah, would be nice if you can have some time to see Istanbul, this is one place that i wish i can go leh, it's beautiful..

    oh, so you are joining a guided tour.. hmmm, sorry ah, but when i read that you were brought to have Chinese food, i must say this is something that i hate most with those packaged guided tours!! hahaha.. why must have Chinese food, and assume that we are so "Cina" that we must have Chinese food everyday?? just bring us to eat authentic local food lah, haiyoh, afterall the local food is probably a hell lot cheaper than those glamorous untasty Chinese food in a non-Chinese place right?? hahahaha!!! opppssss, sorry if i make an offensive statement, but this is just my humble opinion and personal thoughts..

    temperature is just nice with maximum 20°C and sure it's cooling, or rather i shall say not hot, walking around.. Zagreb, hmmm, never heard before reading this post, call me *jakun*.. it looks really a typical European city, and a relaxing city with not many high-rise buildings but the tram looks very canggih like a bullet train, haha.. and even the funicle is just 5 minutes ride, maybe it's also possible to walk up the hill huh??

    oh the other side of the square is totally different!! one side more bustling and another side more calm and quite.. nice that you have time to linger in their local market.. i always love going to the local markets when i travel, this is the place where we see more of the culture of the local people.. and at times, can find things that are really new to us.. :)

    wah, so nice, taking a domestic flight to another city instead of going there by coach, like that save time and not so tiring and yet another kind of experience huh?? Cavtat, yes, another name i have not heard before until i read this post, in the *jakun* mode again!! hahahahaha.. but i have to say, Cavtat is totally different from Zagreb leh, this Cavtat looks more like a place for a retreat, so peaceful and serene, the scenery of this place by the Adriatic Sea is just picturesque!! oh, i just love the place, and like you did, i would also sit down and have a cup of coffee and slowly admiring the view in front of me, nice!!

    looking forward to your next travelogue and more beautiful photos!! :)

    1. SK, not just you, I also never heard of those cities before. When I got the itinerary, I was like, huh, where is this place?? Keke, have to go Google baru tahu.

      Ahaha, I understand your concern. But this is my guessing, in this tour, there's about 50 of us and 80% of the tour members are elderly (aged 50 and above), I think that's why the tour agency arranged some Chinese cuisine for us, cause I think if you ask the elderly to eat European meal everyday, sure they tak tahan one... Plus I think this trip we are quite balance up la cause we had a lot of local European food too!

      Yea, we can walk up to the hill, but due to time constraint, we took the funicular.

      I love visiting local markets too, got a lot of interesting things to see/buy.

  13. Wow!! So beautiful, Hayley.. you and the scenery of course.. hahaha... I have never been to Europe la.. yes, very jakun, like Louiz likes to say... There are so many awesome and beautiful places I have not seen as yet... Yes, should go while you are younger... enjoy to the fullest!

  14. NIce indeed. Mind I ask why you chose eastern europe? What's the special attraction there?

    1. Hi, erm fyi I got to choose between 2 trips, Spain and this one, since I went Spain before so I chosen this one ;)

      Things in Eastern Europe are more well preserved, not so commercialized like in Paris/Italy. But it's also not so cheap, but if got chance must go and see see, very nice!

  15. 看照片就觉得景色很美了!

  16. wah, so good, i want go there travel leh~ XD

  17. I really love looking at your photos! Thank you for sharing. You both look so sweet and happy - just like going on a honeymoon.

  18. Hehe..never know there are so many nice places to visit in Croatia, thought it is a small country. In fact, Shenny and I went to Zagreb for a day trip last year. Our tour package was from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and then Italy.

  19. Looking at all your photos make me feel like travelling again

  20. You are really well travelled, hayley! It's really a beautiful place!

  21. Lovely pics, Hayley. I would love to visit Croatia and ride a city tram. And sipping tea enjoying the view but the thought of 12 hours flight scared me. ^^

  22. fuiyoh...lovely trip leh. so many wonderful pics :)

  23. Hi Hayley, beautiful pics, well taken. And wow! Eastern Europe...
    Can see weather just cool, not cold.
    And the places all look typical European...and very clean.
    Your tour mostly from Malaysia?
    Have fun....
    Best regards.

  24. lovely trip & plenty of sight seeing! does the Croatian understand English?

  25. Hi Hayley,
    Found ur blog while searching for info to plan our Balkan trip next year (finger cross!) we plan to do it by our own since we (my friends and i) are on budget, teehee #cheapskatesejati as our motto bila travel..hihi

    Tq for sharing your experiences =)


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