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Second time as a mother

I don't have a good memory but I do remember when I pregnant 3 years ago, I had only a slight morning sickness, everything were bearable and sort of, enjoying.

This time around, things become different. I felt more tired and nauseous, backpain also comes early, temper also becomes worse :p 
If it wasn't necessary to go out, I will just lay on my bed all day.Well, all thanks to age.....

Remember the Europe trip in October? I was barely 3 months pregnant back then and many advised not to go on long haul flight, since the first trimester is usually not stable. 
I was in deep dilemma that time, I thought of giving up the trip and let hubby go alone but hubby told me everything is gonna be alright, since it's a vacation anyway, and it'll be a waste if I don't go cause we cannot cancel/refund.

So I seek for advices from mummies in a mummy group in FB and many shared their experiences saying that they did something similar when they were pregnant. Then of course the most professional person to seek for advice is my gynea doctor. Told him the issue and after ultrasound scan, he said should be alright, just go ahead but be careful about food, no raw stuff and so on. So with the reassurance of doctor, I felt slightly more confident to go on the trip.

Anyway, I got really fatigue and look pale throughout the trip (if you notice in my photos), but I told myself to think positive and be careful then everything will be alright, also 'talk' to my baby to be a good boy/girl. Believe it or not I sit everytime I see chairs, haha xD Just don't wanna drain myself too much.

Thankfully everything is alright. Though I got extra tired during the trip, I am happy that this little one already traveled with me at such young age :p

Now that I am in second trimester, I still feel tired because of the monster boy at home, but I am happy that things are becoming better and more relax.


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Alright, that's all for today. Hungry, must go eat now ^^
Have a fun Monday everyone!



  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy once again!

    By the way, I just purchased from you last month,
    thanks for the little gift too!

    Wish you a happy 2015 ahead!
    Merry X'mas and Happy New Year ~~~

  2. Next time you can tell him (or her), mommy already bring you to Europe before, so good leh! XD

  3. For me, for both pregnancies I felt the same.. Lots of morning sickness and vomitting but it got better after the 5th mth.. I also tend to think a lot and wonder what if.. what if.. a lot of what if... Hubby says just be 'ping siong sum' and treat as normal then we wont feel so sanfu..

  4. You know some people believe that if you have bad nausea, it's a girl! *wink~*

  5. No need to be alarmed... Yes, it goes with age too... Especially we have another child at home who needs attention..but then all will be fine...this is called Motherhood... And also branded as Super Lady!

  6. You were so worried about the trip and everything turned out well & happy. You just need more rests, lesser stress and happy music! I talk as if I am a woman here but I hear this often from pregnant ladies.

  7. Congratulations once again on your 2nd pregnancy...

  8. alot of worry when travelling...about food, accommodation, hygiene all sorts...Summore that now u have a tiny baby, which makes it even more worrying...Thankfully your husband is very positive and takes good care of u.

  9. ah, if you have seeked opinions from other mommies and also consulted your gynae doctor as well as a green flag from your hubby, I guess you just hop on the plane and enjoy your trip.. afterall it's a leisure trip (not a business trip), I guess having a holiday may most probably help you to get relaxed, to get calm and to refresh yourself.. surely this baby will be a happy global trotter in the future, hehe.. :)

  10. hmmm, no all those problems when you were carrying Aden?? but he's so 皮 woh.. so this time you have nauseas, back pain, bad temper etc.. meaning the baby will be a very 乖 one lor?? because totally opposite from the 小瓜大哥 mah, hehe!! lame joke I know, but then just have to think positive and be optomistic, then only you will be a happy mom and the baby will only be a cheery 蓮子蓉 one~~ :)

    1. LOL, I never heard of that logic before :p
      But yes, just think positive~

  11. wah, your online business also having the YES (year end sale)?? wait, got extra freebies you mentioned but not on any discounts horr?? so nice of you lah, this is what we call good service, one of the most important factor in a successful business, and you seem to have mastered it huh?? good good, claps claps!!! and your little 小瓜代言人 is also very cute and adorable lor, as always~ ~ :)

    1. Haha yea, rewards for my customers.
      Mastered it? Hmm okok la ;) Still learning.

  12. Take care mama, like this update of yours

  13. Congrats again, Hayley. Every pregnancy is different so enjoy while it lasts. ^^ Rest more since you are not feeling well. Take more iron folic.

    It is a bit tough with Aden around but I am sure he will be a good brother. Keep telling him that he is going to be a big brother soon. Need to prepare him for the new baby.

    Take good care of yourself, Hayley.

  14. Thanks for the update. Do take good care. Have a good week ahead!

  15. Congrats on your second baby Hayley! :)

    Haha! I LOL when I read about the big where you had to sit whenever you saw a chair. One of my coworkers was working up to the week before her delivery and that's what she did too! She'll come over to talk and sit on the chair next to me instead of standing or just roll her chair over (and her place is very far from mine).

  16. Well, I traveled even when I was pregnant. Just take it easy and everything will be fine.

  17. I suppose you're older going on holiday, you will eat a lot but not the kind of nutritious food pregnant ladies should be eating...or maybe, the sex, it's different, it's going to be a girl this time. They say it happens as both mum and baby are sharing the same hormones. Take care!

  18. Congratulations :)

    Take Care..

  19. Yeah, I hear that pregnancy can be challenging. So tough having to cope with nausea and tiredness. I hope that you feel better soon. Take care, Hayley!

  20. 还是要说一声恭喜!有时候出远门,除了一些妈咪本身的经历,专业人士的意见也很重要!

  21. U do look more tired and pale...
    Must be tired taking care of cheeky boy, Aden.
    Take care...

  22. My first pregnancy was worse compared with the second one. The second was bearable. Keep calm and rest as much as you want..hahah

  23. 多休息!三年后身子不一样,所以会累。

  24. Yes, you looked tired in your travel pictures. I understand that pregnancy is never easy and pleasant for anyone. I was the one couldn't enjoy pregnancies at all. You take care and enjoy your pregnancy.

  25. 恭喜你!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Thank you all!! 感谢大家的祝福!

  27. Congrats Congrats on baby #2! Happy for you :)

  28. 迟来的祝福,恭喜你再次当妈!


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