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Dinner with the gang

I guess it's been a while since I last posted a proper food post. Hmm, taking food photos is not really 'my style' anymore, LOL!

Anyway, friends and I had a very filling and enjoyable dinner last weekend, it was an advance CNY dinner =D
We had our CNY dinner last year too.

 What pose is that Aden? xD

 Must bring something to keep the kids busy

 Very difficult to have a proper shot of the kids together, else it'd be a cute scene

 Anyway here's our group photo! ONG MALI! ^^

As for the food, it was the CNY package we ordered.

 First dish is of course the yee sang, and this is my first yee sang of the year...
Looks good? No. The abalone tasted weird!

Erm obviously these are just some cincai shots of the food... Haha. I am too lazy to take food photos already :p
Still got fish and dessert which I din't manage to snap.

Overall food were ok, the package is about RM 418. 
Though the kids were noisy running here and there, and Aden was like usual, being a sticky glue to me, I did enjoy myself, since it's been a while we gathered together.

Looking forward to our next gathering during CNY.


  1. Nice gathering, good food, good friends, lovely environment, very "yit lau", got "tuk tuk chiang" music playing in the background also or not? Yeah. if you notice, I also very lazy to snap food pictures already.. No mood especially when the boys are around, my hands and eyes gotta be on them all the time, so no time take food pictures, hehe..

  2. The food looks good! Very nice gathering and the kids all look so cute :)

  3. Wowwwww!!! So early already celebrating Chinese New Year. Sure looks like a great celebration, all happy faces!

  4. Very big gathering. Can see you are having a good time from the foto.

  5. Such nice gathering with your gang. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

  6. What a pity the abalone tasted weird as it sure looks good there.

  7. Such a nice gathering ! And it seems all your friends have kids including yourself. Soon the kids will grow up and you will look back at your old gatherings.

  8. The children are so cute! Now that they are older, they know how to play together. Good to see you enjoying this gathering.

  9. 好多小孩,还会越来越多^^
    我一直要看你的怀孕look所以目光一直在你的baby bump上。

  10. I love such gathering. Miss them. Now hardly any as everyone busy with own lives. So I am look forward to cny gathering. Haha.

    Lovely photos Hayley.

  11. hahaha.. "taking food photos is not really 'my style' anymore"!! so true lah, actually we also seldom see you blog about food also.. and i totally support this, because you are talking about gathering with friends, so is what you ate that night more important than your friends?? i've come across some blog, post about gathering but then all food and no photos of the people, hahaha!! anyway, different people different style, i still enjoy reading either food or how the event goes also lah.. :)

    1. BTW, your "cincai" photos of the food also looks nice woh.. i am especially attracted to that plate of "lap mei fan" leh.. the color looks so nice and also the rice separated in individual grains.. wah, suddenly so hungry now!! and are you sure those are real abalone or fake ones?? hahahaha.. looks fake to me lor, no wonder you find them tasting weird~~ :D

    2. is this your "Black Dog" gang?? wah, this year you are having the gathering so early?? good also, look at the couples and also the kids, haha, must be a very happy (and also noisy, i mean 熱鬧) gathering.. wah, looking at your photos, it's like CNY comes early leh.. and got one couple wearing the red-red goat print t-shirt also, that is really very 應影 woh.. hmmm, so this is pre-CNY gathering, and i supposed you will also have another one during CNY?? nice!!!

    3. ooopsss, too attracted to that "lap mei fan" already until i missed out the ending paragraph that you answered all my questions above, hahahaha!! you really understand your readers well huh?? before we all ask you already wrote what we wanted to know, hehehe!! aiyoh, Aden so sticky then he didn't go out there and play with the other kids, and then make friends with the 靚女 ah?? hehehehe.. did you find any candidates for your future 新抱仔 from there?? hahahaha.. just kidding lah~~ :D

  12. Wah... a nice big gathering. 😀

  13. yee sang with abalone. Looks good!

  14. Sad lo, the abalone yee sang must be expensive, but end up it taste weird.. But at least you had a good time ;)

  15. Hi Hayley, wow! Great pictures, and very nice friends. Must be a population explosion going on in Malaysia? So many babies, young kids, ha ha.
    And the food....I've forgotten CNY is almost around the corner.

    And you and family looking good as usual. Love your smile, Hayley. Have fun and keep a song in your hert.
    Best regards,

  16. That looks REALLY good! :)

    I like the abalone yee sang. The abalone is whole to boot, I would have thought it'll be sliced. It's more "luxurious" to be able to eat it whole, I guess. I would love to have that.

    I've always wondered, since an important part of yee sang is Nien Nien You Yu, there must be fish inside right? Abalone, even though it's called "pau yu" isn't really a fish, so does it count? I know a lot of places serve it.

  17. Fuiyo...nice ....gathering with the gang so much fun leh

  18. This indeed a very wonderful gathering with your gang.

  19. nice dishes...summore the yee sang hav abalone. So far i only tasted yee sang with fish, never with abalone. Aden look so chubby cute when standing with other kids.

  20. What a happy gathering with great friends and enjoy delicious meals.

  21. 看到cute cute 肚子了! 现在这个人数,CNY 一定会更大阵容的。

  22. I was also attracted to the lap mei fan

  23. So many kids...reminds me of my nieces and nephews....=p

  24. The abalones looks weird too, like plastic LOL


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