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Movies I watched lately

This was released in June, no time to do a review back then~
I am not really into this type of sci fi movie, Astro had been repeating the old Jurassic Park series few weeks ago and I find it so boring! xD
Anyway, I was just out of confinement in June so I took the chance to join hubby to the cinema to catch this movie (hey mama needs a break too! Aden and Toby were under MIL's care while we went paktor

So, though I din't watch those previous installments, I have to say I like this movie, quite a lot ;) Must give thumbs up to all the CG and technologies la for making those creatures so real! And I particularly like the actor Chris Pratt ( as Owen in the movie) and also the actress Bryce Dallas Howard (as Claire), somehow I find they are perfect match, hehe!

Story line wise, not bad, I remember I got adrenalin rush in certain scenes xD
Sure worth the money to watch this in the cinema, for those actions-packed moments!

Rating: 8/10

Had been waiting for this one! If you remember the previous installment called Ghost Protocol (year 2011), and I gave quite a high rating for that movie.

And days before I stepped into the cinema to watch this, I came across articles on FB mentioning that Mr Tom Cruise did most of the stunts himself! That makes me even more eager to watch this movie!

Well, I have not much complains about the storyline (you know, of how Ethan Hunt and his crew taking on most impossible missions). And I somehow expected they will introduce lots of incredible and super high end gadgets. But I am surprised that (Note: spoiler!) our country and name appeared in the movie! (even though just for seconds la xD)
Then about this pretty lady, Rebecca Ferguson (as Ilsa Faust in the movie), this is my first time watching her acts and I seriously think she is good! Love her sexy voice as well ^*

Overall, this is a movie worth watching!

Rating: 8/10


  1. I have also watched both the exciting and enjoyable Jurassic World and Mission Impossible. So I would give 8/10 ratings like you.

    You must watch Ant Man and you will give 10/10 ratings like me!!

    1. I've miss Ant Man, maybe wait for it to came out online, hahaha...

  2. So long I haven't watched movie. Reading your post makes me want to watch the two movies you talked about!

  3. i watched Jurassic World, but cannot remember when already lah, i think probably the week it was released.. hmmm, how to say leh, not that it is not nice but then i actually find Jurassic Park nicer.. or maybe that time it was the first so got the 新鮮感 gua?? this one like maybe 珠玉在前 then like lag a bit.. rather entertaining and with all the nail-biting biting-amongst-the-dinosaurs.. then the ending actually a little bit unexpected, that giant dinosaurs like so invincible, then out of a sudden the huge crocodile ate it and then that's the end of the story, hahaha..

    mission impossible, i haven't watch it yet leh.. going to watch it soon.. and also Fantastic Four also showing this week right?? wah, suddenly like so many movies need to watch leh, haha.. but susah hati, my credit card buy-1-free-1 promo over already leh.. T.T

    1. Is it? I don't know cause I din't watch Jurassic Park...

      F4 I heard sucks wo! Hehe~

  4. Wah, you good, still got watch new movies.. Me none.. Wait for them to air in Astro jer..

    1. Hehe, I am a movie buff, so I always want to watch in the cinema :p

  5. 这两部我都有看,mission imporssible我没有带很大的期望去看反而还不错,Rebecca Ferguson不是一般的骨感性感美女,可以我很喜欢她的知性+性感!!!

  6. Long time never step into a cinema le, I prefer to attend events and talks, hee hee

  7. Have not been to the movies for a while now. Not my genre, these... I love sad, touching human or family dramas.

  8. Only watched the Jurassic World. Hub busy and I brought 2 kids to watch ourselves. Kinda enjoy the bonding time, though movie just not so WOW to me.. hehe..

  9. Jurassic world我那天才去看,我喜欢!觉得好看啊!
    Mission impossible也一定要看的!这星期!

  10. 两部我都没看。只兴趣Jurassic World....

  11. Hahahaha yes! I remember now that you mentioned it. They did mention our country's name for a few seconds in Rogue Nation! Maybe Stickell was there to steal some classified documents wahahaha! :D :D

  12. can catch two movies after confinement.. good to relax...Hayley.. as for me, i havent been to the movies for the longest time.. got Astro ma.. watch backdated movies only.. hahhaa..

  13. Plan to go to the movie this month, my kids have been waiting for the Inside Out carton movie..haaaa..

  14. I like Jurassic World too. Ayden sat through it all. I've not watched Mission Impossible. I've watched Ant Man and it is really nice. Paper Towns is not so nice. Fantastic Four is HORRIBLE!

  15. the two famous movies that will rule the cinema this year. i am looking forward for movies that could be better than this two.

    jurrasic was awesome. another great movie of jurrassic themepark. bringing up the level of the first movie.

  16. I watched Jurrassic movie but have not watched mission impossible yet. Good to hear you managed to get some time to paktor with your husband and watched these two movies.

  17. Have not catch both movies. I never enjoyed Jurassic Park movies so I think this latest one would not be any good. ^^

    I love Mission Impossible tv series but never really enjoy any of Tom Cruise's acting. Dont know why. Maybe not a big fan of his. Hehe.

    Long time I did not paktoh and go to movie date with hubby.

  18. aiyo.. both movies I haven't watched but will gonna give it a miss, including F4 I guess I go for Ant Man.

  19. Husband went to watch MI without me but yeah nowadays not easy for us to go watch a movie together. But will definitely catch the movie later since you are not the only one who really enjoyed the movie! :)

  20. I would also consider watching Jurasic World.


  21. I havent watched Jurassic world... huhu


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