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Some updates about Aden

Anyone missing Aden? Hehe~
My big boy is now 3 years 7 months and 1 week old! Look at his hair, growing long and thick already, so have to bring him for haircut~

BUT, he is still very terrified of haircut T___T
No matter how I talk to him or bribe him, he will still say don't want.
But must bring him to the salon also, he sweat very easily so die die also must cut!
The whole process can be very tiring cause I have to hold him tight while the hairdresser shave his head.

 So these days we decided to have his head shaved instead of just trim.... Shaving is much more faster than trimming. Luckily his head is round enough so he looks ok with this super short hair (Actually when he got his head shaved for the first time, I was so not used to it, haha!)
And ever since that, I notice his hair grow darker!

 Swimming (or shall I say, playing with water) is still his favorite thing to do. Even during bath time, he will want a tub fill with water then he will bring his toy cars and bath with them xD

Though he is now 3 years plus but he can be quite shy at times, especially when meeting people he don't see often. Sometimes he will refuse to greet them, but sure will say bye bye when we told him to (probably cause he know he is leaving them already)
But one thing I am more relief now is he has the initiative to play with other kids. Last time, he will just hide at my back, or sit next to me while other kids are chasing around happily. Yes, he is that shy, though he looks kinda 'naughty', haha!

Many said he is getting chubbier, yes he is. Not because I feed him well, but because he loves those unhealthy food like snacks =_=" But I am glad he still takes his milk, rice, noodles meats and fruits. At least not all are sweet stuff la!
I have no idea how much he weighs now (the last weighing was about 16kg, about few months back), but he sure grows taller! Currently he is 103cm tall, I do hope he inherits his papa's genes in terms of height. Boy must be tall enough :p

He used to nap once before this but lately, he sort of give up napping. But he can fall asleep in the car, guess because of the motions...

We have stopped sending him to montessori school since May this year. Reason being is he fell sick every week :( I know it's normal in the beginning as their body is getting used to the environment, but his grandparents are getting heartache seeing him like this. Furthermore, he actually cry every morning when I sent him to school, for the whole 2 months, LOL!

So after discussing with hubby, we decided to send him to school again in 2017. Because personally I think, when they start schooling, they have to continue this journey til teenage life. So now let him enjoy his honeymoon toddlerhood first ^^

I know he is learning to become a better kor kor now, can see through his behavior and acts. 
I hope both of them can become good friends and don't pakat to bully their mummy (though I know they will eventually haha) 

Looking after 2 boys is sure no easy task, many ask me if I will go back out there to work again?
Actually I am not sure.... Kinda dilemma. But I am not thinking too much now, just enjoy my life as a SAHM =)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


  1. Aden is growing up well and active. :)

  2. Aden is a big kor kor now. Ya, no need to think so far ahead, just live in the moment and enjoy life with two sweet sons.

  3. He's a big boy now. Kids grow so fast! Love that pic of your two boys.

  4. Yeah, big boy Aden. He is a big koko now.

  5. 103真的好高!!!我的佟好像连95都没过T_T

  6. hello Aden!! long time no see, Uncle SK 有一點點想念你哦, hehe!! but no woh, is he getting chubbier?? I don't think so, I remember him being even chubbier last time but now from the photos he seems like losing a bit of weight leh.. hmmm, maybe because he has been sick sick often recently ah?? aiyoyo kesiannya leh~~

    I am very happy to hear about Aden's progress leh.. he started to take the initiatives to mingle with other kids instead of hiding behind you, and he also sayang Little Toby like a 大哥哥 now.. I remember last time you mentioned he is still not used to it and got jealous a bit horr?? hehe, while the mommy is relieve, she is now worrying that the brothers will pakat to bully her pulak, hahahaha!! :)

    surely not easy to take care of toddlers and kids, very tiring mentally and physically huh?? somemore you have two!! I helped my friend to look after and play with her baby while she takes her shower for like 10 minutes, I also feel very tired already, hahaha!! so a full-time mommy is surely respectable!! :)

  7. Aden体格长大长高了,依然不改pong pong脸蛋,保持着他童真可爱的模样。

  8. Oh boy, I love Aden's botak head photo with the shy smile. He looks cute and handsome too.
    I always felt that parents should allow kids to enjoy playing at home until 6 years old at least.

  9. Chubbier? No leh, I think he was chubbier in the old photos. Maybe because he grow taller?

    I salute you, you are not like those kiasu parents who want to push their kids to go to school for more years than others just to win. It is true, I think better for toddlers to enjoy life while they still can.

    Seriously, kindie syllabus are more or less the same one lah, at least they felt the same to me. I was bored to study the same things for 3 years. I think it is just the schools wanting to milk more $$$ from parents so you get more and more years nowadays.

  10. Your Aden has grown quite a lot! Big boy now and still so cute. Auntie PH wanna cubit his cheeks hee..hee...

  11. Aden 大个仔啦~ 很chubby哦!
    小芝麻pong pong的脸蛋都变尖了!

  12. I have a friend daughter when younger, when my friend send her daughter to school, the daughter will also cry everyday, till my friend feel so stress...

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Indeed become chubbier, which is good because is cute, hehe :)

  15. hahaha.. your two boys are so cute as I always say... yes, Aden looks like a big kor kor now.. enjoy their toddler moments.. very fast they will outgrow these years!

  16. I just brought Jamie for a hair cut yesterday. Phew. He hates going to barber. Haha.

    I dont think I would be going back to workforce. Not sure I would be getting used to that. Haha.

    Both boys are cute. Suddenly Aden looked so mature. And since he wouldnt be going to kinddy soon, you could homeschooling him.

  17. 一眨眼老大那么高大了!弟弟很可爱喔!

  18. wow, aden has grown up a lot! he is still as cute & chubby and his younger bro looks alike him (despite smaller size).

  19. Wahh...big kor kor kor. How time flies, right.

  20. I like the picture of him and Tobby. So cute of them. Aden is growing up a lot .

  21. Hello Aden. I agree on taking him out of school for the moment. Not good for him to fall ill too often. Let him enjoy being a kid first :D

  22. Wow! He's grown up! That's nice Hayley! :)

    Haha! I guess all kids are scared of haircuts. My nephew was around the same age when he came back and we brought him to cut his hair. He cried non-stop and SO HARD that I thought something was wrong!

    It turns out he just was scared of the little tiny hairs falling on his face - he'll rub his face and there's black stuff on his hands and he can't understand and he freaked out I guess. Haha.

    Yeah, that's very nice of you, it's too competitive nowadays with people sending their kids off at a very young age. They don't get to be kids anymore. I also believe they should have the chance to play around first, you grow up only once and you'll be in school from 7 onwards anyway.


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