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Crabs & lobsters

Headed North to Penang last weekend to enjoy a meal with crabs and lobsters!

Had my hair dyed and highlighted, ash green this time. And I wore a green top on purpose to match it, haha xD 
We were on the way to Strait Quay~

Look at my little chef, seems very enjoy with his drinks~

This restaurant serves fresh crabs/lobsters/oysters, and they have a variety of special drinks for you to choose

After putting on the plastic apron and gloves, we are ready to get ourselves dirty! (Look at my little Toby, cannot wait to eat liao xD)

Aden with his ah ma and gugu~ (That's the fried mantau on the left, very yummy!)

The interesting part about this restaurant is they pour the crabs directly onto the table (covered with plastic of course). You can request for them to serve in pot too~
This one is with black pepper sauce.

And this is garlic butter sauce

We ordered their signature sauce too, 3 levels to choose (mild spicy, medium spicy and extra spicy), we picked the mild spicy one and it's already quite spicy!
Orders are based on ala carte style, each comes with add on like corns, clams, sausages, prawns and etc 

3 sets for just us you wonder? Haha! Actually 4 other friends were there but everyone were too busy feasting til we forgot to take a group photo :(

Look at the mess!! :p 

Total bills is RM 400++ with drinks (8 adults). Worth a try, since the seafood is fresh and the sauce is good!

After the satisfying lunch, we walked around the mall and left (Weather was hot!)

Here's the address of the restaurant:
Crabs & lobsters oyster bar
Strait Quay
Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


  1. Go all the way north to enjoy seafood!! Really enjoy life!

    I love seafood. Dont mind indulge in such feast.

    Nice green highlight. A little change can make a difference.

  2. The seafood looks yummy and nice. That place is a new popular area now.

    You look so young like a college student! Must be all your good creams and masks.

  3. your hair color is so canggih! nice..! the food too, i will try soon...

  4. Your hair very stylo-mylo, canggih wei !! The food looks so so good.. I like the one with garlic butter sauce, I think I can finish all! Haha..

  5. Oooo...both I can't afford. I would love crabs but at the current prices, I guess I can do without.

  6. I loves the one in the 8th picture, hehe...

  7. Wah it looks really good! And they give plastic apron and gloves. That shows that you can get messy and not worry about messing up your clothes LOL! Even though I am not that crazy about seafood, I would like to try this at least once!

  8. You are looking good with your new hair highlight colour. Very daring to go for green highlight but look very nice, not glaring at all.

    Superb meal, everyone must have enjoyed themselves immensely eating the seafood off the table. I wonder whether or not it is from the same shop as the one in PJ which has the same concept but I think not as the name is different.

  9. 新发型好看,young了!!KL有不少这种手抓试海鲜,价钱都不便宜,胜在体验新东西。

  10. oooh.. i think i've heard about this place, no plates but the food are served directly on the table, hahaha.. actually a very nice gimmick, practical also because they do not have any plates or bowls or spoons or forks or knifes etc to wash!! lobsters and crabs lovers will sure love this place, as well as the very 豪邁 way to dine, hahaha.. looks good even i'm not quite a fans of these animals..

    new hairstyle and you have green highlight!! nice~~

  11. Wow what a feast, in SG at East Coast, also got one restaurant serve crabs without plates

    Wow green colour for your hair, nice, something new

  12. Usually for crabs, I go for chilli crabs, have never tried butter garlic crabs before, one of these days must try

  13. though seafood is abundance in KK, I hardly eat prawn not to mention the crab scare of the cholesterol, but fish is my favourite.

  14. Wahhh new restaurant in Straits Quay!! (Maybe not new lah, I already more than a year never go there liao)...

    Nice hair, and nice seafood! ;)

  15. I find the price for your lobster and crab meal very reasonable. The lobster and crab dish looks sinfully delicious.

  16. Very nice new hairstyles. I used to like to eat crab last time, but now I'm getting lazy on peeling it, hehe!

  17. How strange! I wrote a long comment but it seem that it didn't go though.

    On second thought, it did but I commented on the wrong post. T_T

    Nice! This is very US-style. That's how they do it over there, it's boiled in a huge pot and then dumped on your table on a piece of paper like this and a chunk of butter is melted on top. Everyone puts on (paper) aprons and start digging in. It seems to have spread over here, there's a seafood place like this near my house too (Kai's Plato) but they don't dump it on the table.

    This looks nice though, I would love to eat a meal like this. Will definitely KIV for next time I'm in Penang...which would be soon since I'm going to eat durians.

    1. The Crab Factory in SS2, PJ was the one who started the trend of dumping seafood on the table to be eaten in the Klang valley (I think).

    2. Interesting! I didn't even know about The Crab Factory. I do like crabs though, will be on the lookout for it. Thanks Mun!

  18. Wow.. Hiau wish I can have some too! I'm a crab lover but seldom ate lobster.

  19. nice indulgence..I love crabs too..

  20. I saw something similar served at one of the seafood restaurants in Sunway Giza. Surprisingly the response is so good. People are queuing for it.

  21. Yum yum. ...i like crabs but weird is that am seems to be allergic to lobster. Lol


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