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Short holidays down South

We spent 4d3n down South to KL last 2 weeks.

 The starts of the their holidays and my tired-days xD
(Playing at SIL's condo)

First place to visit is One Utama, one of Aden's favorite cartoon character, Thomas & Friends.

 This boy just won't take a proper photo these days :(

 Too bad la all the Thomas trains are being fenced, not so interesting anymore~
The boys enjoyed a bit of riding there. This time we did a very minimal shopping (Actually nothing to buy already... Just loitering around enjoying air cond :p)

Since we don't have much to shop, we decided to go jalan jalan instead. 

Guess where were we?

If you can recognize the status of Liberty behind us......

And also those indoor game machines.....

 Can guess or not?

 Yea we went Genting Highland!

Thinking to enjoy the cold air one but mana tahu, it wasn't so cold also >.<

Actually a lot of areas are still under constructions (if you can see those cranes behind us in the photo), and nothing much to do also la since we don't gamble also. So we just loitering around then had lunch and came back KL in the evening~

Little boy dozed off in the car, must be tired following us, haha!

Next day, we traveled another 90 mins down South to the historical city~

Malacca! It was a Thursday but the crowd was crazy! Lots of tourists especially those from China....

And it was such a HOT day!

First challenge for me was to carry an 11kg weight and climb up these stairs..... =_=" 
Never mind, I take this as an exercise since I ate quite a lot lately, LOL!

With the in laws~ 

Well at least it was kinda windy up there~

Super hot, tak boleh tahan, bought 100 plus to drink~~

My 11kg weight xD
And because of him I have very strong arm now :p

Must not miss visiting the Jonker street

Had the famous cendol and coconut shake here~ Also tried their nyonya dumplings, curry laksa noodles and nyonya dinner~ Sorry no food picts ya :p

Also did what a tourist does, paid RM 25 for a short trishaw ride (Less than 10 minutes)
Actually we were kinda shy cause our total weight is like 130kg and I can see the uncle was riding very hard xD
Plus little Toby was very uncomfortable already (can't you tell from his face? :p) so we requested for a short ride only....

Overall it was quite an enjoyable trip, but without daddy though :(
It was quite a challenge bringing two kids on my own, but I am thankful that the in laws were there to help~
Shall visit again when hubby has a holiday next time!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Weather too hot, go anywhere also sweating like nobody business.. sien!!

  2. Sigh, I missed the Thomas & Friends thingy at 1U.. Too far for us, and hubs won't purposely drive there.. So we just see from FB lor, then hubby said look at the crowd, etc.. Haizzz..

    1. Princess Ribbon can go there early in the morning 10am when the crowds hasn't started yet.

  3. Glad you had a very nice holiday with your family. I love looking at your Aden and Toby :)

  4. Lots of Chinese tourists in every tourists spots..they invest outside China too.

  5. Your holiday, sekejap sejuk (Genting), sekejap panas (Melaka) so syiok!
    I was forced to climb up the A'Famosa Fort too on my last Melaka trip, hot die!

  6. What a wonderful trip to see so many places! I always love to see your family photos esp the 2 boys! I am surprised that Genting was not even cool because newspaper mentioned so many people flocked up there to get away from KL heat. Maybe some days cooler and some days warmer. Go again la.

    The Melaka langchia photo is very cute, funny and colourful.

  7. The weather nowadays is so hot...

    Enjoy your weekend ya...

  8. Hats off to you!!! Not easy travelling with kids, two boys some more! Aden is getting more and more handsome by the day.

  9. I heard genting highland not so cooling anymore, haha your 11 kg weight, my nephew 10 kg...

  10. Toby is 11kg? Fuiyo! Ayden is 2 1/2 years old and is only 10.5kg :'(

    I was about to ask also why are those Thomas trains fenced up like that?

  11. Kudos to you for bringing Aden and Toby for a holiday to KL and Malacca. Aden looks happy to see Thomas even though the trains are fenced up.

  12. Nice holiday down south. It is hard to bring young kids for holiday but you did it. Thanks for extra help though.

    Wow! 11kg Toby. I would break my arms carrying him around. I carried my Jamie (around 14kg) up hundreds of staircases before, and then backache and arm cramp and sore after that! @_@

  13. 你的四天三夜跑了好多地方,还带着那么小的Toby,精力充沛啊!!!!
    云顶及马六甲我也好想 再去,就是懒散哈哈哈!反正这里去其实还好安排,可以说走就走啦。

  14. How nice ! Family gathering and holiday ! I also want to take a break , maybe during the June holidays !

  15. Wow..that's looks like a fun holidaying with your family. Next time can go down south some Legoland.

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