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The latest game

....... is of course the Pokemon Go!

How many of you play this game?

Well, I belong to the 1% of the population who does NOT play this game (phrase extract from Internet) xD

I am not interested (actually I am not interested in playing games, even those games in FB I don't play a single one at all, hmm am I normal? ;P), and in fact not free to play also la

Anyway though I don't play, I do know that there are some sad consequences resulted from playing Pokemon Go, like accidents and even fines.

To me, a game is to help us relax our mind or to pass time, but if one is too into a game, that's actually a very bad thing.

So for those who play this game, remember to play responsibly! 


  1. I also don't play this Pokemon game or any Facebook games. I know myself that I would become very addicted for sure like how Angry Birds made my fathers fly.

  2. I also don't play lah so we are in the same club LOL!

  3. I don't play Pokemon Go, as the world seems to be going crazy for it.

  4. I also seldom play such games or any Facebook games, even if I play, very soon I will get tired of them, I won't get addicted to it

    I don't play Pokemon Go but am curious on how it works and how to play. Just for interest only.

  5. Nope, I don't even have a smartphone.

  6. Yeap, must not go too into the game.. playing for fun is alright! :P

  7. This game is "hot" since it's launched, but i didn't play...

  8. 游戏有没错,错在使用它人们的态度。以前大家都说走路别看手机,现在人人走路眼睛只盯着手机。这是我最近觉得最难顶的城市奇景!!

  9. I have no such luxury time to play any game at this moment. My time is too valuable for more important tasks.

  10. I have no such luxury time to play any game at this moment. My time is too valuable for more important tasks.

  11. Strange, when I see Facebook and blogs and internet these days, seems like everyone is mocking Pokemon Go and say they're not playing. But if you go out and about jogging or cycling or just for a walk like me, you will see those hotspots flooded with people.

    You all sure you all not playing ah?? I am sure I am not playing lah... hehehe...

  12. I'm not playing either *victory hand sign

  13. I belong to the 1%. I do play games but nothing so serious or addictive lah.

  14. I don't play Pokemon GO either. I'm not interested in the franchise. I never grew up playing or watching Pokemon even though it was exactly in my childhood that it really blew up. I know a lot of people into Pokemon in the 90s, even in my high school in New Zealand which was the year it started.

    The kids play it though. I downloaded it for fun to see how it works but I lost interest after catching just 2 Pokemon. Haha.

    I don't personally care for it but I don't mind people playing it. I see a lot of newspaper articles talking bad about it and Islam imams wanting to ban it and I'm sitting here thinking whats the big deal? Just let people do what they want.

  15. Looks like most of us din't play the game, haha!
    Anyway, playing for fun is alright, but remember safety first la! And also, must priorities our tasks!

  16. I also didn't download the app to play.

  17. I don't play but my kids do. It's quite a fun bonding time with them when I bring them to mall to catch pokemon..I can see their excited and happy faces. I only allow them to play during weekend.

  18. Not playing Pokemon Go? Download It Now (Works on iOS & Android)


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