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I am fine...

... just busy 😅

I really want to blog and blog hop every week but time is really not enough!

I remember when I was working few years ago, I could at least blog during lunch hour, or when workload wasn't that heavy, or when boss was not around.
But after being a full time mum, it seems almost impossible because both kids and house chores have taken most of my times!! 😱

Anyway, just wanted to show face and let whoever still reading this know that I am doing fine =)

I dedicate most of my times to them, no regrets no complaints ;)

Notice the necklace I was wearing?
It was a craft work from Aden at school for Mother's Day. There's a number 8 written on it.
I asked him why 8 and not other numbers? I was thinking he might says that because his mummy is 'sam pat' (三八) xD
But his answer is, because 8 is his favorite number! Phew! Lucky! Hahaha!! (I think too much xD)

Ever since he went to kindergarten, he has improved a lot and I am really thankful and relieved! 
 Though he still bully his little brother at times, and still has his own tantrum, I notice he has grown up a lot, both physically and mentally ;)

That's his drawing of his, mummy xD

Then on actual Mother's Day, I went back to my mum's place in the afternoon and have a small celebration 

My dear mother, thanks for everything and I love you always!! Please stay healthy and happy!! <3

A bouquet of fragrance soap flower for my mummy, sponsored by my husband ;)

Sometimes staying inside all day is boring. So sometimes I will bring the kids outside, like to their favorite hangout place, McD.

I can bring both kids out on my own, but I try not too often cause it's really tiring, and somehow dangerous~

I prefer to bring just one of them out most of the times haha! Especially Aden, cause he is much older and can listen ma! Toby on the other hand, curious on everything and will run wild!

Photo taken during Wesak  Day when school was off. Brought him to fish shop and he wanted to buy this kind of fish, asked me to take photo so that he can show his dad at night xD

We went to the nearest temple for a quick praying too!

And also a quick tea break. Everything must do quick because Toby will look for me if I am gone for too long~~ 

So in the end, daddy bought some fishes back home.
And now in our house, we have...

2 dogs...

10 kampung chickens...

... and 10 fishes! 

What to keep next time I wonder? Hmmmm~~


  1. Sometimes I also feel time not enough...

    1. Yes, really not enough, especially when we grow older!

  2. You even have time to tidy up your blog until it looks so clean and neat, happy & fragrant from the soap flowers!

    Your son Aden is so smart now to make your heart melt with the necklace and cute drawing! I think you will keep hamsters next. Wanna bet?

    1. Haha, must la! Feel bad for neglecting my blog and my readers ler! xD

      Hamsters? No, I don't like them, hehehhe!!

  3. Belated Mum's Day greetings to you and your mum. Just blog whenever you can. If you force yourself to do so just for the sake of doing it, then it becomes a chore and you will not enjoy it.

    1. Haha, true also. But blogging is something I like deep down, so it's not a chore for me.

  4. Cute drawing, nice cake and 8 is a lucky number! It means huat ah!

  5. Wow you have kampung chickens? Do you cut them yourself?

    1. Yes, when they are old enough, my MIL will cut them and cook :p

  6. Thank you for letting us know that you are fine despite being busy with your two adorable sons. Everyone look lovely in the photos here. Your mother must be very happy for you to make the time to celebrate mother's day with her. Good for you! Just write here when you feel like it, no pressure.

    1. No problem mun.

      Thanks for dropping by ya!

  7. Hello Hayley, I can understand you busy with two boys, and the minature zoo you have at home. I'm surprised you allowed to keep chickens where you live.
    Where we are no chickens, ducks allowed within city limits, unless countryside.
    Love see your two dogs? What are they? Rottweilers? Or Doberman mix?
    Can see your parents still young good looking couple too.

    By the way, your boy likes the no. 8, what is your b'date? And his? Maybe thats the reason.
    Must be good with his arithmetic in school, I guess. Buy him puzzles and or jigsaw puzzles, and or number toys, engineering toys where he has to fool around with screwdrivers, nuts and bolts.
    I did that with my youngest son when he about your son's age, using psychology to motivate him being an architect or Engineer. It worked. By age 10 he could dismantle a radio and put back.
    He graduated here with two degrees, An Aerospace degree and later Robotics degree, today working with a large Canadian Aerospace company.
    Good to start them young.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Yes, why not? In some kampung, they even let those chickens run wild!
      Yes, they are rott weilers, but I guess not pure breed.

      Haha how you know? 8th is my birthdate! Well, may be that's why, some sort of instinct =)
      I am trying to let both my sons to learn through playing, a lot of ideas these days, from Youtube and so on...

  8. Good to know you are doing well and had a great Mother's Day. Goodness, you got kampung chicken at home! I love to eat kampung chicken but if I rear it myself, I will find it sad to eat them :(

    1. My MIL is the one who keep the chickens, so no feelings for me if she cut them and eat, LOL! xD

  9. Hang in there, it is just a stage, you will sure miss this stage after they have past through and grown bigger. Like me now, miss their toddler and baby moments so much. Please enjoy your motherhood when they are still young.

  10. That is a handful. 2 young kids and now you have pets in the house! Dont know how you manage.

    Both boys have grown up. Aden still has his chubby face. Cutie.

    1. Haha my MIL takes care of them la! I just help a bit only.

  11. Your house like a mini zoo, hehe :P
    I understand it's not easy to be a full time mother with 2 kids, jia you!

    1. Yes, mini mini zoo ;)
      Thanks dear!


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