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Burgers & lobsters at Genting

Family and I traveled to KL during the recent Raya holidays, and we went up hills to Genting Highlands for a day trip.
Main reason,

Burgers & lobsters ;)

Since it was a public holiday, traffic wasn't so smooth traveling up the hills. A lot of cars, a lot of people!
Lucky the kids were asleep in the car so we traveled peacefully ;)

The first stop is to quickly queue at the burgers & lobsters outlet! *kiasu mode on* 😀
The gentlemen (hubby, FIL and BIL) volunteered to queue, so us the ladies (MIL, SIL and myself) brought the kids to walk around Sky Avenue.

Little brother Toby tend to bring along his stinky pillow out these days *pengsan

Aden was the most excited ones because we told him we are going shopping!! xD

One hour passed and still it wasn't out turn 😅 
Luckily there are many lobsters in the tank to keep the kids distracted, also this curved board outside the shop which the kids thought was a slide, LOL! 

So we waited for about 75 minutes and finally, it was our turn!!

All of us were so hungry by then!

FIL made the decision and here's what we had:

Not sure what's the name for this but it was so so good!
The bread was so soft and sweet! And the main star, the chili lobster, absolutely fingers licking good! It wasn't spicy at all, to me, hehe!

Another must order on the menu, beef burger! I don't eat beef, but hubby said it was yummy too! 

We also ordered 2 choices of steamed lobsters, equally yummy! So fresh and juicy!

Itadakimasu!! Time to eat! 

Total bill was about RM750+ for 7 adults, I think it's very reasonable. Services were good as well.
If it's not because of the distance and queue, I won't mind to go and dine again haha!

After the satisfying lunch, we walked around the indoor theme park, and also the outside.

It wasn't cooling at all at Genting, brought jackets along but didn't use them at all 

With my new daughter hehehehe!~
(That's my hubby's niece)

Coincidentally in grey ^^

It started to drizzle a bit so we decided to leave.

I guess the next round we go Genting, is after the outdoor theme park started operating =)


  1. Waaaah!!! You guys jammed all the way up just to eat that Lobsters and Burgers! The number is interesting for 7 adults who waited for 75 minutes and got billed RM750+. So many 777 can kena Genting Jackpot!!! Next time go stay overnight and pull the slot machines. Sure ONG Mali.

    1. Haha I din't realize that also! But so easy to kena meh? Haha!

  2. It's been 35489 years since my last visit to Genting, although the distance not really far from my house, approximately 45 minutes only. Ya, I saw people posted about the crowd during Raya holidays, a bit scary >_<

  3. Wah! The food looks fantastic! hee..hee.. I used to have a stinky pillow too when I was small :)

    1. I think almost everybody has something 'stinky' when we are young haha!

  4. If Genting is nearby, i think i can go up often, hehe...

  5. Quite a while never go Genting le, I think it is the 7 hours bus journey that stops me

  6. wow! looks tasty! I wanna eat but don't want to queue. The children are so smart to find something to occupy them as in play with the "slide".

    1. Find someone to queue for you hehe!
      But go on weekdays or normal weekends is ok la.

  7. ah Lobster!!!! I passed by this place so many times but each time it is such a long queue...we decided to eat something else!

    1. Actually lots of eateries at Genting now, too many choices!

  8. Actually I was planning to go during raya time too with my ex colleagues but last minute we canceled when we heard that the jam was terrible... anyway, no worries, next week, we might be going... weekdays should be alright... by the way, both of your sons look very alike, especially the last picture... :)

    1. Yea, weekdays is fine!
      Majority people said they look alike, hehe!

  9. Huge lobster... yumyum...I'm looking forward for the opening of outdoor themeparks at Genting!

  10. Wah! Genting has burgers & lobsters!! I wanted to try the outlet in London but no time. Sigh!

    Hope to try the one in Genting some day.

    Drooling looking at your photos.

    1. Haha, go Genting is nearer than travel to London :p :p

  11. Keep all these pictures and you will have lots of fond memories when you look at them again after many years. I remember that I visited Genting every year when April and May were smaller.

    I guess it is time to plan a trip there again after my last visit many years ago.

  12. I used to go there twice a month when the theme park was still around. Now not anymore. Will wait until the theme park is open again and get annual passes for the family.

    1. Yea, annual passes is a good choice since you stay so near only hehe!

  13. Hi Hayley, the last time I was at Gentings was wayyyy back in the early '80s. I guess the place now changed a lot what with so many resort hotels. And due to the logging activities, its no longer cool up there, pity. Back in the '70s it can be cold and misty at nights.

    Glad to read, see you all having lobsters. We for the first time had freshly caught lobsters when on a recent holiday to Halifax, Nova Scotia, as well visited Shediac, PEI where most lobsters are caught and exported. Maybe you ate those from Nova Scotia.
    Really nice seeing pics of you and family, can see your boys growing up fast.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Lee!
      I hardly go Genting actually, nothing much to see, since we all don't gamble, haha!
      But now with so many eateries, and the new theme park is going to open, I guess there are more excuses to pester my husband to bring me there ya? LOL!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  14. wahhh need to wait that long? >.<

    1. Yep, cause it was a public holiday!


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